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Top 10 iPad Apps for Graduate Students

Being a graduate student can be tough. Between school, work, and often even raising a family, juggling it all gets complicated. Thankfully, modern technology is making it a lot easier to say organized, research and take notes. These 10 iPad apps will help make the load feel lighter for any graduate student.

1. iTunes U

If further research or immersion in a subject is needed, one of the most reliable sources you can find is materials from an accredited college course. iTunes U allows you to search a library of thousands of classes in a variety of subjects and participate if you feel so inclined. It also allows you to take and highlight notes.

2. Papers

One of the biggest focus' of graduate school is research. It can be messy carrying around, printing and searching for all those research articles. With Papers you gain access to a number of databases, and you can keep your PDFs all in one place. On top of that it has an in-depth system for highlighting and taking notes.

3. Dropbox

Cloud computing is changing the way we do things, and Dropbox is a fine example of that. Dropbox gives you a cloud storage unit so you can synchronize your life across all of your devices. Unlike a flash drive there is no risk of losing it. Upgrade your Dropbox account and you can practically put your whole desktop on it.

4. Evernote

There are a lot of note taking apps out there, but Evernote reigns supreme as the best. You can add photos, voice recordings, make to-do lists and much more. Perhaps the best part is that it is entirely searchable. Additionally, Evernote allows you to synchronize your library across all of your devices.

5. Encyclopedia Britannica

It is all too common where you have just the tiniest fact that needs to be cited. The easiest solution is Wikipedia, but that is not going to cut it in graduate school. The alternative is the comprehensive Encyclopedia Britannica, and this app is the best way to organize all the information you can find on it.

6. Note Taker HD

Nothing can quite replace the fluidity of taking notes by hand. This app has the option to shrink down your writing, so it is easy to jot down and pleasant to read. It has extensive features for organizing and embellishing your notes.

7. Outliner

The pre-writing process can often be a painful one. Outliner helps to streamline the process of organizing your ideas so it is not so hard. It also has the ability to chart your overall progress on a project, so you can see how things are moving along.

8. Pages

A standard word processor is essential, and Pages is one of the most attractive and flexible ones around. It has the ability to create some attractive graphs and charts, and sports a solid on-screen keyboard. It also comes packed with 16 templates for a variety of projects.

9. Fantastical

Whether it is a presentation, meeting or seminar, a calendar is a near requirement for the graduate student. Fantastical is a calendar app that is clean, quick and supports dictation. This app gives you the ability to sync up with a variety of other calendar services as well to help keep things consistent.

10. iStudiez Pro

For overall organization of your college life it doesn't get much better. iStudiez will keep track of your course schedule, homework and GPA. The today menu stays synced with your course schedule and planned events for ultimate convenience.

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