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The profession of a Web designer is a very interesting career path. Some programming skills are needed for this job as well as a creative mind, the ability to write and to be a computer guru. Typically, this job requires the designer to work with a client and fulfill certain needs. This may be a functional and informative webpage, or a site that is geared more towards marketing needs. Typically, a Web designer learns their basic skill by going to school for Web design. A lot of knowledge can come from working in the field as well.

What Knowledge Is Needed?

A Web designer tends to be very proficient with graphic-based software like Photoshop. Javascript is a programming language that is very popular and allows for the animation of graphics. Media programs can be used for adding sound and video to a website and putting all of these items together requires the ability to organize and design a fully functional Web space. Some content may be written by a Web designer, though sometimes this is done by contracting out to someone else like a freelance writer.


In order to be a proficient Web designer you need to be well versed in programming. This involves HTML, XTML and a number of other Internet programming languages. Software may need to be created to process purchases, save data, introduce new data, etc. It takes talent to be able to brainstorm these ideas and then turn them into a reality. Not to mention there is a design process that goes into this programming. The final product needs to be useable and attractive.

Staying Up To Date On Trends

It seems like the Internet is always changing and evolving. As a Web designer, it is important to stay up to date on the current Internet trends. This will help a professional understand what a client is asking for. This will also help ensure that the final product is approachable and interesting. Search engine results are important and a webpage's design matters in this regard.


There are different requirements needed in order to work as a web designer. A good majority of these professionals have college educations in either web design, programming or computer engineering. Not everybody in the field has been formally educated but have spent a good deal of time working with the internet and programming for many years. Make sure you continuously update your resume and keep track of the various projects you are working on so you can relay that information to future clients that want to know what you have been up to.

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In order to work as a Web designer you need to be knowledgeable, creative, hard working and intuitive. You can work within a Web design or graphic design company but you also have the benefit of freelancing and working as your own boss if this is possible. Credentials are usually viewed for each position or job. It is a good idea to have a good portfolio and resume handy. You may also want to have a website created with your information on it to show people what you can do as a Web designer.