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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Graduate Students

The life of a graduate student is hectic and fast-paced. Research, studying and grading papers are just a few of the time-consuming tasks that graduate students must deal with. Fortunately, students can use their iPhones to help them keep up with their schedules. The following list covers the top ten iPhone apps for graduate students.

1. GRE ® and GMAT ® Vocabulary Builder

This app is a great study tool designed to help future and current grad students prepare for the Graduate Record Examination or the Graduate Management Admission Test. These comprehensive exams are very difficult and the verbal portion is especially troublesome. The app helps students to add some of the most common GRE and GMAT words to their vocabulary as they study for the test.

2. iHomework

iHomework is an organization tool that helps grad students keep track of homework assignments, due dates and projects. The app syncs all of this data into the iCloud, allowing students to enter data on one device and then access it from their laptop, tablet or phone.

3. Flashcards

Flashcards is an app that allows the user to download card sets on a wide variety of topics. Topics can include vocabulary words, math equations or names of historical events. Students can enter an answer and the Flashcards app will keep statistics of correct and incorrect answers to improve studying.

4. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Finding a wi-fi hotspot in a hurry can be a challenging task. Students often have to submit assignments electronically by very strict deadlines. This app instantly locates the nearest free wi-fi hotspots and displays the results on a map on the student's iPhone screen.

5. Pocket Informant Go!

This app is an improvement on the standard iPhone calendar. It allows students to combine calendar and list functions into one convenient program. Pocket Informant Go! can keep assignment due dates, lesson plans and personal schedules organized with pop-up reminders that can be programmed to display reminders.

6. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro focuses on keeping students informed of their busy class schedules. It can store teacher names, course information, classroom location and homework assignments according to each corresponding course.

7. GPA Calc

Much of the graduate student lifestyle revolves around the all-important Grade Point Average. The GPA Calc can immediately calculate a student's GPA. Students can simply input some key data, select a few options and the result is instantly displayed.

8. ACTPrinter – Virtual Printer

Graduate students must keep multiple copies of important documents and this app creates digital copies in a flash. It allows users to "print" a virtual copy of a document on their Mac and send the copies to their iPhone so that they can carry their important information on the go.

9. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an all-in-one listing and notification app. Students can create and manage their to-do lists, take notes, schedule important reminders and instantly sync this data to all of their devices using the iCloud.

10. iTalk Recorder

For hands-free note taking, the iTalk Recorder app is an ideal solution. It records audio input in high definition and can email its audio files using iTalk, allowing grad students to record lengthy lectures or study sessions and then send the recorded information to other students or to their laptop.

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