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Top Communication TED Talks

When a trained, or at least keen eye is applied to society as a whole, one can't help but to acknowledge the all-important role that psychology always plays. As such an integral part of our past, present, and future, the way we think is certainly the great decider of most things "mankind." Be intrigued, and be ready to think "outside the box" with these 10 compelling discussions.


Brené Brown: The Power Of Vulnerability

Combine humor, love, and a deep look at the human psyche, and you will have Brene Brown's presentation. Brown, a respected, University of Houston professor, gives an engaging discussion on human thinking and interactions.


Chris Bliss: Comedy Is Translation

Everyone knows and has experienced the very basic concepts of comedy and laughter. But what is comedy and how is it that we find things "funny." Chris Bliss, renowned entertainer and founder of, delves into the real meanings of humor.


Clay Shirky: How Social Media Can Make History

Clay Shirky makes the clear distinctions of how media is influenced by and also acts as an influencer of society. Shirky then takes it another step forward by exploring the effects of social media; especially the effects of social media on greater media reporting.


Elizabeth Lesser: Take "The Other" To Lunch

In this intriguing seminar, Elizabeth Lesser puts forth the premise that human thinking is typically governed by two, opposite, very primitive, driving archetypes. The implications are great as Lesser applies this concept to modern politics and current political stalemates.


Erik Hersman On Reporting Crisis Via Texting

Esteemed technologist and blogger, Erik Hersman tells the story of cell phone introduction to many areas of rural Africa. Hersman shares the amazing results that have evolved into a greater, ongoing, humanitarian cause.


Ethan Zuckerman: Listening To Global Voices

Here, Ethan Zuckerman, Senior Researcher at Harvard University, discusses diversification of internet information, and the lack thereof. Zuckerman introduces us to the thought that we unintentionally limit ourselves to certain demographics when surfing the web. Subsequent change is highly encouraged.


Hannah Brencher: Love Letters To Strangers

Born from her own struggles, Hannah Brencher proposes "Love Letters To Strangers." In this growing, worldwide phenomenon, complete strangers send and receive love letters in a sort of effort at increased, widespread happiness in today's world.


Evan Williams On Listening To Twitter Users

Twitter Co-Founder, Evan Williams discusses the birth of completely unforeseen uses of twitter and social networking. Examples of such unexpected adaptations are illustrated by Williams.


Fabian Hemmert: The Shape-Shifting Future Of The Mobile Phone

Technology-lovers take heed: Fabian Hemmert's seminar, "The Shape-Shifting Future Of The Mobile Phone" provides a wild glimpse into a proposed future. Visualize a shape-shifting, weight-changing, non-visual display system, entirely capable of far more than today's top mobile phones.


Howard Rheingold: The New Power Of Collaboration

Howard Rheingold is an internationally respected designer, community activist, and theorist-thinker. In this seminar, Rheingold discusses the global collaboration phenomenon. Examples such as Wikipedia are given as a future of considerable, greater collaboration is proposed.

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