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Top 10 TED Talks about Learning and Education

As the world changes with the quick pace of globalization and rapid technological development, education paradigms are changing with it. In this series of TED talks, experts go over what's happening to education in the 21st century.


Adora Svitak: What Adults can Learn From Kids

In this short TED talk, Svitak discusses what exactly learning is and how adults can learn from kids. Kids see the world in an exciting perspective that Svitak would like to bring back to adults for the purpose of education.


Ben Dunlap: The Life-Long Learner

Telling the tale of an extraordinary Hungarian Holocaust survivor, Dunlap goes over what it means to be passionate and how simple daily routine can profoundly affect our futures.


Charles Leadbeater: Education Innovation in the Slums

In environments like the slums of Brazil, it can be surprising to see exciting new methods of teaching that have never been seen before in well off countries, but it really shouldn't be. Necessity is the mother of innovation, and Charles Leadbeater goes over how we can take these methods and learn from them.


Clifford Stoll: The Call to Learn

The incredibly eccentric Stoll goes over what it means to be drawn to learning as well as tangents about the Moog synthesizer and no-volume bottles. He claims that the only ones who can truly predict the future are kindergarten teachers; they're the only ones with exposure to the next generation.


Jeff Bezos: What Matters More Than Your Talents

The founder of the internet juggernaut, Amazon, gives a graduation address to the Princeton graduating class in this talk about what allows some to achieve success. He claims it is not about talents in the end, but about discipline and the culmination of the choices made throughout a life.


Daphne Koller: What We're Learning From Online Education

Online education is an exciting new field that is becoming increasingly pervasive in the education scene. Whether it's someone wanting to learn calculus in Eastern Europe or an Indian learning western literature in his free time, Koller makes the case to study online education to see what can be learned and how to apply that to traditional institutions.


Liz Coleman's Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

Coleman makes the case to revamp higher education from specialization to more broad interests in a world where students are learning more and more about less and less.


Patrick Awuah on Educating Leaders

In this fascinating TED talk, Awuah talks about what it means to be a leader and how important having effective leaders is, especially in environments like Ghana. He calls for education to have more of a focus on leadership in order to combat problems in Africa that arise from non-effective leaders.


Bill Gates: Mosquitos, Malaria and Education

Bill Gates, who needs no introduction, talks about some of the world's biggest problems and what we can do to fix it. Bill Gate's Melinda and Gates Foundation is on the path to destroy malaria and Gates explains how education is instrumental in solving this crisis.


Bunker Roy: Learning From a Barefoot Movement

There's a school in India that specializes in taking rural men and women and transforming them into scientists, engineers, and doctors. This is part of the Barefoot movement, and Bunker Roy gives insight into how it works.


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