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Jobs in Computer Science

  • Applications Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • Network Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Information Technology Auditor

With a degree in computer science, students have many different options to choose from, according to Forbes. Employers like to hire computer science majors because they have a solid skill set that is valuable in the economy. From working as an applications architect to jobs as a software developer, computer science majors have numerous career fields to choose from.

1. Applications Architect

Sometimes, this title is used to refer to a software engineer or software developer incorrectly. An applications architect is actually someone who creates application architecture and interacts with project managers. Individuals will generally have to have a computer science degree or extensive experience in the field to be hired. Often, applications architects are expected to know several programming languages and software frameworks to succeed in this position. Once hired, an applications architect makes $66,000 to $183,000 annually.

2. Software Engineer

As a software engineer, individuals are expected to use their technical, programming, scientific and mathematical knowledge to succeed in their position. A software engineer is responsible for optimizing software programs using engineering principles. They may be hired by corporations, non-profit groups or governmental agencies. This position typically sees salaries that range from $61,000 to $160,000 per year.

3. Network Architect

With the rise in mobile communication platforms, network architects are in increasingly high demand. A network architect typically earns $78,000 to $156,000 per year. They are expected to have a degree in computer science, and they may need an MBA in Information Systems as well. In addition to doing the necessary installation and configuration, a network architect devises network tests to test the infrastructure. As the company's requirements change, the network architect performs new upgrades and installations to keep up with the pace of business.

4. Data Architect

One of the most popular computer science jobs currently is in data architecture. This individual is responsible for data integration, the organization's databases and data access. Their entire goal is to ensure that stakeholders are in control of the databases. To succeed, a data architect may need to use logical and physical data modeling skills. While this can be an entry level position, most data architects previously worked as a database developer, analyst or engineer. Once hired, a data architect earns a salary ranging from $111,000 to $153,000 per year.

5. Information Technology Auditor

As an information technology auditor, individuals will often work with a publicly-traded company. It is their job to audit the company's infrastructure and computer systems to make sure that they are secure. They may define audit procedures, assess risks, review compliance processes or report audit findings. In addition to a computer science degree, an information technology auditor will often have a background in management administration science. Once hired, they generally earn a salary ranging from $67,000 to $146,000 per year.

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To have a rewarding career, students must choose a career path that suits their unique interests. These top five computer science jobs are the first step toward finding a fulfilling career in the industry. To get started on one of these careers, students should study computer science. They may also want to take classes in fields like business or finance to make their resume more appealing to a potential employer.