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Online Dual MBA Universities that fight to stay competitive in today's global education industry offer numerous Master of Business Administration (MBA) dual degree programs, and a working professional can even get a dual MBA degree online. Many universities strive to provide extended value for their educational services by allowing students to customize their advanced business degrees with dual Master of Science (MS) programs. Ideally, students graduate with the general management and leadership skills that employers expect of upper level managers as well as specific trade or technical skills that they can use right away. Here are a few MBA/MS dual degree programs that can help graduates to cross train into desired job categories or move up in their current career fields, according to USA Today.

Online MBA and MS in Distance Education

Talented educators are in demand all over the world. Nations that are considered to be emerging economies welcome licensed and experienced instructors to teach English as a second language to students of all ages who want to learn the de facto international language of business. Alternately, a strong demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers is seen commonly within developed nations. Advancements in technology has made it possible to deliver quality education and training anywhere in the world. The MBA and MS in Distance Education prepares education professionals for a variety of roles. For example, dual degree graduates who have valid teaching certificates can actually teach in demand subjects through collaborative online tools, or they can act as consultants for education and training companies that want to develop effective distance learning programs in various target markets.

Online MBA and MS in Hospitality Management

Certain segments of hospitality and tourism continued to show positive growth even during tough economic times. These areas that are seemingly immune to market fluctuations are usually found within the luxury and upscale hospitality sector. Careers within this category are highly competitive, and many graduate schools students hope that a dual MBA/MS in Hospitality Management will give them an edge during their job searches. This type of online program usually allows students the opportunity to apply related electives to both degree requirements to save some time towards degree completion. Students who are using the MBA/MS in Hospitality Management dual degree to cross train into hospitality management positions will want to enroll in programs that include internships or field assignments to supplement their online studies; the chance to make valuable professional contacts and gain relevant work experience should not be missed.

Online MBA and MS in Systems Engineering

Most systems engineering concepts can be taught via modern online formats, and online dual MBA/MS in Systems Engineering programs offer ideal avenues for fully employed engineers or project managers to position themselves for greater responsibilities at work. The MBA side of the dual degree offers exposure to the business environment from a management perspective, and the systems engineering side of the degree allows students to better relate technical services and solutions to the business needs that they fulfill. During these programs, students deep dive into system life cycle stages with the intent of using learned business concepts to streamline systems engineering activities from system design to disposal.

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Many people are reluctant to pursue traditional MBA degrees when their employers are not paying for the programs or when they are not planning to attend top tier programs. They tend to think that they will not recoup their time and financial investments. Universities hope that graduate school candidates will view dual degree programs as opportunities to hone specific, marketable skills while picking up the hallmark business concepts that are associated with traditional MBA programs. When a student decides to get a dual MBA degree online, they also minimize the impact that earning advanced degrees has on their schedule.