What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Agribusiness?

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The careers available with a Master's in Agribusiness are generally limited to business positions within the agro-industry. Many common business jobs are available in the fields of sales, marketing, operations, management and human resources. There are also technical jobs available that require knowledge of the life and agricultural sciences. These could be related to research, inspections and statistics, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Account Manager

Agribusiness account managers supervise and coordinate activities with team members to effectively handle existing and prospective customers. They strive to increase business and profitable bases with large producers. Agribusiness account managers manage state and regional manufacturers of agricultural products. For example, they may sell nutritional products and equipment programs to customers through emphasizing long-term relationships and cost-effective resources. These account managers may create and implement effective strategies to expand into and exit from different agribusiness fields. They use customized customer success metrics to quantity value and effectiveness. They usually have a business background, so they must always improve their technical knowledge of agricultural science, products and technology. Agribusiness account managers must excel at strategic partner selection, external stakeholder communication and business development coordination.

Agricultural Manager

Agriculture managers provide operational leadership to assigned programs. They may work for a global agribusiness company that focuses on working with small to medium sized farms. They will strive to ensure that farm households have access to corporate services, products and information. Most agribusiness fields are dominated by a few powerful corporations that buy and sell agricultural products. These corporations are a primary resource and customer for many small farms. Agricultural managers will strengthen independent resilience, provide technical expertise to local agricultural offices and drive business development with independent farms. Agriculture managers will work with industry experts, execution partners, strategic funders and regional teams. They may cultivate and engage a wide range of stakeholders in agricultural sectors. They will need finance, production, communication, collaboration and project management skills.

Agribusiness Insurance Underwriter

These insurance underwriters handle agribusiness accounts worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. They analyze commercial lines to make decisions based on exposure analysis, hazard recognition, internal controls and risk characteristics. They use underwriting guidelines and industry best practices to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. They are delegated authority by management to implement continuous improvement processes, which allows them to accept, modify or reject business claims, policies and conditions. They price policies according to agribusiness underwriting and insurance pricing guidelines. Agribusiness insurance underwriters must have the ability to use creative underwriting and insurance knowledge to forecast risks, minimize losses and retain business. They develop ongoing relationships with insurance agents and experts to discuss market quality, stability and profitability. They communicate with subordinate agents regarding cancellations, declinations, exposure concerns and service standards.

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The careers available with a Master's in Agribusiness include sales territory managers who work to resolve issues for assigned customers and identify sales and marketing opportunities. Other jobs include quality control inspectors who assess root causes, design solutions and sustain continuous improvement activities.