What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Educational Leadership?

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What careers are available with a Master's in Educational Leadership? This is a great and fairly common question asked by those considering a career in the upper management levels of today's education industry. To answer it, let's take a look at some of the best and most practical applications for this particular graduate.


Principals act as the lead administrators for the schools in which they are employed. In this role, they head all teachers and staff as well as work directly with students and parents in any number of ways. They also report to their overseeing school district with regard to all matters of operations, successes, and failures.

School District Superintendent

Superior to the above-mentioned principal is the school district superintendent. This professional essentially heads the entire district's educational efforts and reports to the local government with regard to the status here. This worker spends some time in schools within their district but spend most of their time working between city government and individual school administrations in obtaining the desired academic results across the community.

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum is no more than a fancy word for an educational path or plan. An individual course may be governed by such a curriculum just like an entire degree program may also be. It is thus the job of the professional curriculum designer to create these plans, or curriculum. In doing so, this educational path, or plan, must be designed to meet accreditation standards at multiple levels as well as find ways to effectively instill the knowledge in the average student's mind.

School President

Some schools do not have a principal per se, but rather, an acting school president. This professional could quite accurately be likened to the CEO of that school. Overseeing all staff and operations in their particular academic institutions, these workers are almost always required to have a master's in educational leadership, and quite justifiably so.


If teaching is something you enjoy and you are on the path to getting a master's in educational leadership, perhaps the career of a college or university professor would be the perfect vocational choice for you. In this role, one is certainly qualified to teach about education and its leadership specifically. Outside of this particular subject matter, however, this master's degree holder is often welcome to teach in any number of potential school subjects.

Educational/Academic Consultant

Consultation is the very profitable business of providing outside, professional insights to client institutions and firms. This is yet another great way with which to use this particular degree to its fullest potential. In this role, one will work with any number of education-related businesses and even schools themselves to understand and overcome obstacles to their missions. In-depth knowledge in educational leadership, the exact stuff this degree is made of, is the key requirement to getting started in this valuable position.

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Education is equally important to the people of today as it is to those of tomorrow. Effective leadership in its administration is therefore crucial, according to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. This brief list of career options in this realm is meant to shine some basic light on the great bounties made available with this particular degree.