What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Human Resources?

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Earning a master's degree involves considerable effort and expense, which makes it vital to have a clear understanding regarding the careers available with a master's in human resources before enrolling in a graduate degree program. With a specific career goal in mind, it is possible for any prospective student to choose a program that will meet their needs.

Human Resources Manager

This is one of the most commonly sought-after careers available with a Master's in Human Resources. Human resource managers are employed by organizations of all sizes and industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Essentially, they handle all personnel issues for their employer. This can include hiring employees and facilitating new employee paperwork. The human resources manager may also handle promotions and disciplinary actions. Frequently, they are a source of information regarding benefits, paid time off and health insurance. The scope of their job depends upon the size of the organization, with managers who work for smaller businesses being more apt to fulfill a number of human resource roles.

Director of Industrial Relations

This job title is most often seen in organizations in the manufacturing sector. As the director of industrial relations, this manager may find themselves ensuring that workplace conditions are safe and that operations are proceeding in line with applicable state and federal safety laws. They may serve as the representative of the appropriate labor union and may also take on responsibility for hiring new employees and managing staffing issues as they arise. This makes them a crucial link between the workers and members of management. Accordingly, they may help to shape organization policy and procedures.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Mid-size to large organizations are more likely to have this position since these responsibilities are often assumed by the human resources manager in smaller concerns. It falls to the compensation and benefits manager to craft a benefits package for all employees. This may involve considerable knowledge of health insurance policies, vacation and leave practices and perks that the employer provides for workers. This human resources professional may be asked to evaluate current employee salaries and make recommendations for future compensation. They may take on diverse responsibilities relating to the organization's employee wellness program while also providing workers with valuable information concerning the details of the compensation package they receive from their employer.

Human Resources Consultant

Rather than being tied to a specific organization, these well-compensated professionals give valuable advice to many businesses that may be looking to improve their human resources offerings, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. The consultant might conduct a review of a company's existing benefits package before recommending valuable updates that could attract amazing new talent. Perhaps the consultant's next project will be developing an employee reward system or coming up with innovative ways to spark motivation. With this eclectic job, something new is always on the horizon.

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A graduate degree in human resources can open a multitude of doors for a motivated individual. Most students choose a general human resources program that could conceivably prepare them to take on any role in the field. However, specialization may make it easier to land a dream job for people who have a specific career goal in mind. Knowing more about the careers available with a master's in human resources makes it easier to choose the right educational path.