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GRE TestIt is critical that prospective graduate students know how to prepare for the GRE so that they can earn a high school and the attention of admissions councils. Performing poorly on your Graduate Record Exam can affect your entire future because a low score can actually make you ineligible for admission to a specific graduate school offering some of the top degree programs. If you are not sure where to start prepping for your college entrance exam, here are some tips that will help you earn great scores on the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing sections of the exam.

Studying for the Verbal Reasoning Section

You can score between a 130 and a 170 on the point scale in the verbal reasoning section of the GRE, according to the Educational Testing Service. Test-takers will have 30 minutes to complete each of two different 20-question sections that are focused on vocabulary, antonyms and analogies. Unlike the other sections that you will be tested on, the verbal reasoning section is very advanced. You need to be well read to grasp the questions that you are being asked.

Test takers can start the preparation process by referencing lists of high frequency words that are found on the test. You can reference verbal study plans that will help you gain familiarity for the structure of questions. You will also need to dedicate some time to verbal practice materials and the dictionary so that you know the academic-level words you will surely be tested on.

Brushing up on Quantitative Skills

There is a common preconception that the quantitative section of the test will cover content that is just as advanced as the verbal section. In actuality, the questions are very similar to those that you have once taken when you sat for the SAT's. If math is your strength, you should not be overly challenged by the questions that are asked. You will be tested on algebra, geometry, rates and other concepts. You should take time to study common formulas, use a quantitative reasoning prep book, and take as many practice questions as possible so that you can learn what it is like to be tested on several concepts in one sitting.

Take a Respected GRE Prep Course

While it does cost money, taking a GRE prep course with a respected instruction company is one of the wisest investments you can make. Not only will the instructor-led course help you understand areas of the test that will not come naturally, it will also help you connect with like-minded students who are also prepping to enter grad school. Sometimes you need to know strategies to be successful taking large exams like the GRE. A prep class will help you succeed as a test taker before college and even in college.

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There are plenty of different study plans, preparation books, videos, webinars and practice tests that you can access through the Educational Testing Service. You can find refreshers, sample questions, math conventions, and tips through the official website so that test prep is a breeze. You can increase your average score several points by studying daily rather than cramming the information in a single night. Use what you have learned on how to prepare for the GRE, and then begin sessions well before your test date.