Do Master’s Degree Programs have Study Abroad Options?

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Those who want to study abroad for a Master's degree dream of working on their degrees as they live in a foreign country. Though you might think that these options are only available at the undergraduate level, you can find some options at the graduate level. The options that are open to you often depend on the subject that you study and where you attend school. After learning more about these programs, talk with your school to learn more.

What is a Study Abroad Program?

A study abroad program is a program that lets you earn course credit as you spend a semester or longer working in a foreign country. Most programs are available during the summer months, but you may also spend just a few weeks in one of these programs. Some schools send a professor from the program overseas to work with students, while other schools let students take courses from a college in a foreign city. You'll generally spend as much time in the classroom as you would at home, but you'll have the chance to explore that area and learn from local teachers.

What Does it Cost?

The cost of study abroad program often depends on a few things. You typically need to pay for each course that you take just as as if you were at home. You'll also need to pay for transportation to your destination, and you may need to pay for housing as well. Some colleges work out deals with other schools that let students live on those foreign campuses, but you'll still be responsible for paying for your housing. Alexa Davis of Forbes suggests that students apply for international student status before leaving, which can help bring down some of the costs.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

There are some great benefits of a study abroad for a Master's program. One of the biggest benefits is that you'll have the chance to gain more of a perspective on your topic. Instead of reading the same books and listening to the same professors, you can read books you never heard of before and hear from professors with a unique perspective on your field of study. You can also take advantage of the activities available in your area. Whether you study in Rome, London, Paris or another foreign destination, you'll find plenty of fun things to do when you aren't in the classroom.

Graduate Program Scholarships

If you love the idea of studying abroad but worry about the cost, consider looking into scholarships. The cost of a graduate program is often much lower than the cost of an undergraduate program. You might still find that between tuition and other fees that your program costs a few thousand dollars up to $5,000 or more. A scholarship can pay for a portion of your costs or cover the total amount of your trip. Your college may also have funding available for those who study specific topics.

Whether you study business, psychology, art or any other subject, you can study abroad while working on your graduate degree. You may have the option of traveling with other students and professors from your program or on your own. When you decide to study abroad for a Master's degree, look into scholarship programs and ask your school about additional funding.