What are the Differences Between an International MBA and a Global MBA?

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International MBAWhile there are many similarities, there are more differences between an International MBA and Global MBA program than one might think. If you would like to earn a business degree by studying high-level business content, it is up to you to distinguish between different types of programs and how the layout, the setting, the curriculum and the study body can all contribute to your success. With more and more companies putting a greater focus on global business, earning a degree with global-centric curriculum and diverse student bodies can really make candidates stand out. Read on, and find out what global and international programs offer.

Global MBA Degree Programs

While there is not one strict definition that will describe or qualify an MBA program, when the term global is used to describe an advanced degree program it typically has a diverse student body and an international orientation of course materials and curriculum. While some Global MBA programs are located overseas, it is possible to study for your MBA with an international focus while still living on U.S. soil.

If you attend a school that has a diverse makeup of students who hail from different territories, you can immerse yourself in a unique environment and learn about different cultures while still fulfilling all of your obligations at home. The curriculum that will be delivered will be focused on business practices in different regions and territories which can help the global business professional get exposed to new ways of doing business and also regulations that apply on a global level and not just a domestic level. Since everything is so interconnected, Global MBAs can really give you a diverse toolkit to add to your resume.

International MBA Degree Programs

If you would like to learn a foreign language and really delve into another culture, the International MBA program could be a better alternative. International programs will have US locations and non-US locations. Some programs will have a portion of the class instruction delivered domestically and another portion delivered overseas at a partner site. Other international programs are held entirely overseas where the programs typically only last for about one year. While the cost of living can be higher when you relocate, some countries offer much more affordable tuition rates. This is why you need to research the best International MBA programs and rank the schools on your own list, according to Forbes.

Which Program is Best for You?

Earning the right MBA can offer you a great return on your investment, according to Financial Times. If money is your motivator, you will need to assess the cost of earning your degree and then the potential increase in your salary. You also need to consider whether or not you plan on working while you study and if you need to stay near home for your family. The best choice will be dependent on your preferences, your age, your lifestyle and how long you want to study.

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There is a rise in the number of companies that are going multi-national. This rise shows just how important it is to be a globally-minded business professional. Make sure that you compare the different types of programs that are available to you and know the differences between an international MBA and Global MBA before making a decision.