What Careers are Available with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management?

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For any institution, whether non-profit or for profit, it must have a process in place for planning and organization of any business's resources. Confidence in their ability to make proper decisions is a major asset for organizational managers to achieve goals set by the business. Among the businesses organizational managers work in are all types of health facilities, charities, law firms, manufacturing companies, the food industry and retail. Wherever a facility exists that needs records kept, mail distributed, maintenance and any type of strategic planning for the benefit of the entity you will find a need for an organizational manager.

United We Stand

Institutions, businesses, companies or by whatever title an entity possesses its workers have to produce toward a common goal for the entity's success. A master's degree in organizational management will equip a person with the skills to process complex interactions and direct its culture to embrace diversity; thus producing quality in its endeavors. Examples of specific titles are included in the following description.

Healthcare Administration

As a manager of a healthcare organization you will have duties in accounting, health policy and law, ethics, statistical analysis and management of everyday employee tasks. The general management to ensure each member of the healthcare team produces like clockwork for the benefit of the patients it serves rests on the decisions of the organizational manager.

Project Management

As a project manager it isn't likely you will be employed by one particular company or organization. You will lease out your skills to develop, plan, coordinate and see-through a project from beginning to end. Projects might be in construction, complete makeover of office personnel organization or revamping marketing strategy. Companies will come to you for expertise in redesigning the way they do their business.

Global Management

The world has become a smaller place and doing business across international borders is as common today as people shopping in their local grocery store. Organizational management involves the ability to work with people from many cultures and socio-political views. Any business or company that desires to expand into foreign markets will need an organizational manager competent in crossing and effectively working within these boundaries. Insurance companies, financial institutions and retail markets are some of the common entities that cross into international markets.

Management Consultant

In this position you would come in as an advisor to help a company develop greater efficiency by evaluating its current practices. Implementing change can sometimes be difficult for those closest to the need. As a consultant your analysis and expertise will enable a smooth transition.

Inspiring others to achieve their personal best is a common characteristic for all organizational managers. The capability to work well as a team leader who is able to identify and define the unique positive qualities and human resources that can be built into a well functioning organization is your primary goal and acknowledgement of your success.