What careers are available with a Master’s Degree in Political Science?

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A master's degree in Political Science is rated number ten on the list of the top ten degrees that help students get a job after graduation, according to Forbes magazine. Students with a master's degree in Political Science find they have many job opportunities and options available to them, both in government and in private businesses.

A master's degree in Political Science gives students a varied background in areas like analytical skills, research, writing and debating skills. Students graduate ready to take on roles and responsibilities that help them to become leaders in private business and government.

Jobs Students Can Find With a Master's In Political Science Degree

Federal Government Jobs – Many students strive to get federal government jobs after graduation to follow their interest in, and love of politics. Examples of government jobs are advisers in the White House or in senate and congressional offices, administration jobs in government agencies, legislative staffers, analysts of public policy and jobs as leaders of political lobbying groups. Some also find employment in election campaigns. Pay for federal government workers is normally on the higher end of the scale because of the cost of living in or near Washington D.C., and it can be over $110,000 per year.

Secondary School Teachers and College Professors – While many times a student will need a PhD. in Political Science to become a college professor, some jobs are available as teachers at junior collegiate levels or in high schools. Instructors often teach basic courses for entry-level students studying political science. They include courses like American Government.

Public Affairs and Public Administration – Some students find their niche in public administration positions. Jobs are found in state and local government agencies. The degree needed is a master's in Political Science with a special focus on public administration.

Job Outlook For Holders Of Political Science Master's Degrees

The job outlook for those with master's degrees in Political Science is favorable and is expected to grow by about eight percent between the years 2010 and 2020. Job growth is slower than that of other occupations. There also tends to be a lot of competition for fewer jobs. Those with a true interest in political science careers find that there is a lot of interest in the areas of current political issues and in public policy.Pay for political science occupations ranges from the low $50,000 range to over $100,000, depending on the specific job taken. Similar jobs to those in political science are also in the same pay range. They include jobs like:

  • Historians – $53,500
  • Teachers – $62,000
  • Urban Planners – $63,600
  • Sociologists – $72,300
  • Economists – $89,400

Students often go into political science fields because of a love of the subject matter. Monetary rewards often follow and are found in a good variety of well-paying jobs in political science related fields. Some of the most rewarding aspects are knowing that one can make a difference in government and in the country.