What Careers are Available with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration?

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Have you ever thought about working in the public sector? Does the idea of helping others and making their lives better appeal to you? Do you have dreams about making your community a better place to live? Some people do. They see the world as a place to explore and be an active part of the greater good. Getting a master's degree in public administration in conjunction to your current degree will set you up for a rewarding job working with the public.

1 – City Manager

The complexities of managing the city require somebody who is skilled in multiple aspect of civil administration. This can range from making sure buildings are being zoned properly to the state of affairs with a public official. The masters degree in public administration will prepare you for these tasks and give you the skills needed to be one part civil servant and one part political figure.

2 – Non Profit Manager

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of not-for-profit organizations being started. These nonprofits commonly have a singular goal with definite purpose. The role of the non-profit manager is to create public awareness of that purpose and to monitor the overall operation so that the organization can maintain its effectiveness.

3 – Career Services Resource Manager

With the unemployment rate across the country reaching all time highs in the past several years, there has been an incredible need for career services personnel. Whether for a learning institution, a corporation, or in the public sector the effectiveness of the career services resource manager directly affects the lives of those they help. As the manager, you will be responsible for bridging the career gap of your co-workers, clients, or students by expanding their knowledge base about trends and requirements of their career fields.

4 – Crime/Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

While on the surface this profession may seem like a job for a counselor or somebody in the psychology field, the job of the prevention coordinator is much different. Having a background in psychology is recommended but may not be a necessity. The prevention coordinator works closely with the doctors to create programs and incentives to develop an awareness of abuse problems and the problems related with rehabilitation.

5 – Public Relations Officer

In every corporation and organization, there's a necessity to present a positive image. High level associates and leaders don't have the time or resources readily available to answer the questions that the public may have. This is the job of the public relations officer. As a public relations officer, you will be the "eyes and ears" of the organization or company you represent. As such, you will be in the spotlight as a representative of your employer. Having a cool demeanor and strong presentation skills are required traits of this position.

In the age of fantasy superheroes, there are some that see the hero within themselves and try to put into reality that which is depicted in fantasy. No, that doesn't mean donning a cape and mask and jumping between buildings that even competition parkour aerialist can't make. It means going out and getting a masters degree in public administration and doing your part in one of the many jobs that help people.