What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Architecture?

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architectureCompleting a Master's in Architecture is a serious commitment that often requires four years of college and an additional two years of graduate school. Though some schools offer a joint degree that lets students earn a bachelor's and master's degree in less time, students must still devote a minimum of five years to their studies. Prior to enrolling in one of these programs, students often want to know what type of careers are open to them after finishing an architecture degree. Though some work as architects, there are other jobs open to those students.

Real Estate Careers

Real estate agents and brokers struggled during the recession due to the lack of people shopping for new homes. Those same agents and brokers now enjoy a thriving business. Agents are those who show residential and commercial buildings to potential buyers, and brokers are the ones responsible for actually making the sale and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Those with an advanced degree in architecture often do well in real estate careers. They can provide potential buyers a good look at what the building requires and if it is a good buy.

Building Surveyor

Those with a degree in architecture might also look for jobs as building surveyors. Surveyors are responsible for ensuring that buildings are up to code and meet any regulations required by the city or county. They often look at blueprints and visit job sites during the construction of new buildings, but they also work with homeowners and commercial property owners interested in making changes to existing buildings. Surveyors may also work for a city housing authority and inspect buildings when someone files a complaint. They determine if the building needs any work to bring it back up to local codes.

City Planner

Those who earn a Master's in Architecture may also find work as a city or urban planner. Planners are the ones who layout the design of a city, urban neighborhood or another area. They find ways to incorporate parks and green spaces into the city, identify potential problems that might arise in the future and find space for skyscrapers and larger buildings. City planners also work for existing cities that need help in various ways. They look at problems ranging from a lack of stop signs and stop lights to historic structures that need protecting and, after researching those issues, they write detailed reports that provide details as to how the city can solve those problems.


Many students enter architecture programs in the hopes of working as architects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the architecture field is growing at a faster than average rate and will see the addition of more than 18,000 jobs by 2022. The BLS also puts the median pay among architects at more than $73,000 a year. Architects work independently and for private firms to plan and build structures from the ground up. They work on residential homes, office buildings, commercial buildings and other types of structures.

Earning a graduate degree in architecture can take one to two years after finishing a bachelor's degree and usually requires some type of internship or residency component. Though some students assume that they'll go to work as architects after finishing their degrees, those with a Master's in Architecture may also find work as city planners, building surveyors and in real estate.