What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Construction Management?

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New construction symbolizes community revitalization and new growth, and many who want to take part in those efforts seek careers in construction management. Some people begin their careers in construction as laborers and move up to management positions after many years of progressive job experience. However, this type of on-the-job training does not produce enough technically knowledgeable, construction industry leaders to keep pace with industry demand. Construction professionals seek out degree programs that help them to polish their analytical skills, gain exposure to a wide variety of construction challenges and develop their personal leadership styles. Here are some of the jobs that are available to graduates with a Master's in Construction Management.

Construction Project Manager for Sustainable Initiatives

The construction industry was the model for the development of modern project management methodology, and the management principles used within construction projects have not drastically changed over the years. However, managing projects by using sustainable building practices is a prominent trend in the construction industry today. Graduates with advanced degrees in construction are often exposed to the standards, best practices and methodologies used by current industry experts to build sustainability into new structures. Besides bringing their projects to completion on time and within schedule constraints, these construction project managers build sustainability into the performance and functionality of commercial, institutional and residential building projects. Some examples of sustainable building practices include the implementation of energy and water saving construction designs and materials within structures. These practices could also include the use of recyclable building materials or naturally derived materials that do not put added strain on the environment during manufacturing or when used.


Construction estimators assist in contract bids for all construction efforts by calculating the finances needed to staff, equip and build new projects. These construction professionals usually have site survey experience and can calculate project costs from design drawings, specifications and physical inspections of building sites. Construction estimators use mathematical, organizational and communication skills regularly for job success. Estimators often get better at their jobs as they gain more experience. However, a graduate degree in construction can enhance their career options by preparing them for leadership roles and greater job responsibilities.

Contracts Manager

Construction contracts managers assist senior leaders with winning business from new clients and maintaining great professional relationships with current partners by generating contracts for construction projects. They gather information from site managers, estimators and databases that store past performance data to generate contract terms that include price, project completion time and building specifications. Construction contracts managers need to be knowledgeable about local building statutes and regulations as well as industry building standards. Excellent communication, organization and analytical skills are needed to efficiently do this job that often involves multiple contracts. Most construction contracts managers have at least two years of experience in the construction field as well as a degree in construction. However, some companies will hire professionals who have contracts management experience in other industries if they have gained knowledge of the construction field as graduates of reputable degree programs.


Building professionals who embark upon career paths in construction can choose from among a number of jobs that correspond to project management activities. Careers in construction management can focus on the technical, financial, business procurement or even marketing aspects of construction projects.

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