What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Counseling?

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Master's in CounselingThere are actually many types of careers available with a Master's in Counseling. Instead of working at a private mental health office, students with a master's counseling can pursue any of the diverse careers explained below.

Mental Health Coordinator

Both correctional facilities and substance abuse treatment centers hire student's with a Master's in Counseling. This is because they need mental health coordinators to plan and execute mental health service programs for inmates and patients. These programs could include coaching, supporting and hosting individual and group sessions. Mental health coordinators personally engage their clients in a non-medical environment. Therefore, they are able to establish rapport and professional relationships with their long-term clients. In order to become a mental health coordinator, the student must have an accredited master's degree in psychology or counseling. They will also need recent, relevant work experience and state licensing. Mental health coordinators often have heavy case loads with difficult clients and limited time and resources.

Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator

Vocational rehabilitation coordinators assist their clients overcome social, personal and vocational difficulties that arise from disease, accidents and congenital birth defects. Therefore, they work with a diverse case load of individuals with disabilities. They typically work in residential care facilities, but spend more time focused on vocational training, counseling and coaching. Because the ultimate goal is to facilitate gainful employment, they must determine client eligibility, consult with clients and reach out to employment contacts for placement. Therefore, they must analyze medical, psychological and vocational records in order to develop individualized career plans. They also coordinate and collaborate with prospective employers, non-profit organizations and government agencies, such as the Department of Employment or Human Services. In order to help their clients achieve their vocational goals, they must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Youth Advocate Clinician

The careers available with a Master's in Counseling also include working with adolescents. Youth advocate clinicians work directly with middle and high school students through facilitating individual and group therapy sessions at school. They are in charge of running school-based behavioral health program with high risk teens. They must develop and implement treatment plans for individuals and groups. They also act as case managers and foster child advocates. They work closely with their client's case worker and their state's Department of Child Welfare. Youth advocate clinicians must have a master's degree in counseling or related field, such as social work. They must be trained in behavior modification, case coordination and child therapy. They must be patient and passionate about helping struggling teens who may be hostile, aggressive and manipulative. Lastly, they must be a licensed professional counselor or social worker, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Behavior Specialist Consultant

Behavioral specialist consultants work for either their state's human services department or community-based, non-profit organizations. They design and direct the implementation of individualized behavior modification intervention plans. However, this process is quite complex and demanding. They must continually coordinate with other professionals, such as therapists and case workers, to accomplish these challenging tasks. For each client, they must identify individual behavioral goals and intervention techniques in order to recommend a specific behavior change action plan. They also provide team leadership, patient assessments and individual and group therapy. They must have a relevant mental health licensure and a master's degree in counseling or a related discipline.

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Clearly, there are excellent careers available with a Master's in Counseling for students who are impassioned about helping others overcome problems, reach their goals and improve their lives.