What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Journalism Degree?

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JournalismFor those interested in the field, there are many outstanding careers available with a Master's in Journalism. At the master's level you have academically proven yourself to the fullest. Now, you have access to journalism's best careers. However, as you may notice, your options at this educational level are not solely restricted to careers within journalism.

Senior Correspondent

A correspondent is another term for a reporter that works right on the scene of the action being reported. There are correspondent positions in many areas including war, finances, local news, home improvement, community, and weather. Not only do news outlets need many different correspondents, but they also require senior correspondents. Those in this position provide senior-most, on-the-scene reporting as well as departmental oversight within their reporting department.

Director of Public Relations

Every business and organization has a face that must be maintained for the purposes of positive public opinion. The public relations department, also known as PR, is responsible for this task. The director of this department provides oversight on all of its employees and dealings. With a Master's Degree in Journalism, this important job can be had.

Executive Editor

With a master's degree in journalism, you are qualified for most executive editor positions. The executive editor, or Editor-In-Chief, has a high level of responsibility within the news production team. One in this position must oversee all media produced. This means proofreading for grammar and accuracy, monitoring for possible issues with libel and slander, maintaining publisher relations, and overseeing the format of any media produced. In most news outlets, all roads truly run through the executive editor.

Senior Writer

The term "senior writer" is quite vague as it represents a number of great careers. A senior writer for a clothing company may be responsible for all publications by the company, public and private. A senior writer for a newspaper may head a particular news department and not only write, but also oversee and edit. In all cases though, the senior writer occupies a pivotal position within a business.

Television News Anchor

Television news anchors verbally provide the news in front of the camera. The news anchor sometimes is also responsible for actually crafting this verbal presentation from the information provided by on-scene reporters. This level of responsibility depends on the particular organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, news anchors worked at a mean hourly wage of $40.57.

Campaign Operations Manager

In political campaigns, there is a strong need for good operations management. With a Master's in Journalism, this important position can also become available. The operations manager will oversee much of what happens within the campaign as well as public and private publications of the campaign. Without the operations manager, the campaign is much void of direction and correspondence oversight.

Explore the Markets

These are just several examples of career choices available to this academic level of journalism. Often, one can learn exactly what the job markets are seeking simply by watching the classified ads. In addition, reaching out to well-established businesses can yield surprising results in the way of open doors. You can be certain there are many great careers available with a Master's in Journalism degree.