What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Landscape Architecture?

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Landscape architects spend their time planning and designing different elements for homes, cities and commercial structures, but those who earn a Master's in Landscape Architecture might wonder if there are other types of jobs available to them. Students studying landscape architecture learn how different plans work together, the type of structures used in those spaces and the fundamentals of designing and planning green spaces and open spaces. The skills you learn in one of these programs can assist you in finding jobs as an architect or in other landscaping fields.

Landscape Contractor

Do you like the idea of setting your own hours and working only when you want to work? Working as a landscape contractor might be a great choice for you. A contractor is someone who works with multiple clients every week on a freelance basis. You might contract out your services to dozens of landscaping businesses in your city or state. You'll meet with clients to go over the budgets they have in mind, talk with them about what they want and create designs for them. The companies you freelance for are then responsible for building and implementing your designs.

Green Builder

Homeowners and business owners around the world want to go green when constructing new buildings, but they often aren't sure what this term means or what they need to do. As a green builder, you help your clients implement green technology and green products into their homes and businesses. Many landscape architects specialize in a specific field like living roofs. Also known as green roofs, these roofs feature plants that grow wild. You'll help your clients choose the right flowers and plants for their roofs and work with roofers to plant that vegetation on the roof.

Landscape Planner

Not everyone who earns a Master's in Landscape Architecture likes the idea of getting their hands dirty. As a landscape planner, you have the chance to create beautiful designs that your clients will love without actually planting or building anything yourself. Planners visit job sites to talk with clients about what they want and to take measurements of the space. They then create blueprints and draft how the finished space will look. A landscape planner often works with local plant nurseries and growers to get reduced prices and discounts on plants, trees and garden supplies to keep costs low for their clients.

Landscape Architect

Your advanced degree will also prepare you for working as a landscape architect. Architects of this type often work on gardens and lawns of residential homes, with commercial property owners and with cities and counties. An architect might work with a city to plan and develop a new park or to change the look and feel of an existing park. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for landscape architects is $64,180 a year or $30.86 per hour. The BLS also found that this architecture field will grow at the same rate as other industries in the country.

Those who study landscape architecture do so because they like the designing and planning of landscaping features. In addition to working with plants, trees and shrubs, they also incorporate other elements in their designs, including benches, driveways and paths. With a Master's in Landscape Architecture, you might find yourself working as a landscape architect, planner, contractor or builder.