What Careers are Available with an Electrical Engineering Degree?

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To the delight of those holding one, there is actually a stunningly wide market of careers available with an electrical engineering degree. From alternative energy to radar and navigation, electrical engineering is an important component to many inventive endeavors today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, these graduated experts are more than desirable in a wide number of applications. So, for those interested in this particular line of study and vocation, here are five great examples of the many careers available with an electrical engineering degree.

Electrical Engineering Consultant

A consultant is an outside expert that provides their services, when called upon, for an income. As a degree-holder in this field, one can work as an independent consultant or as part of a larger consulting group that provides said services. Believe it or not, electrical engineering consultants are called upon by the likes of NASA, the Department of Defense, and countless other important entities on quite a regular basis.

Process Control Engineer

Process control engineers are those that monitor a given system and constantly look for ways in which to improve its function, output, efficiency, and so on. These systems can be manufacturing systems, processing, harvesting, or any other type of complex, multi-component system. Electrical engineers as well as a few other types of engineers are openly invited to the vast majority of these positions.

Traffic Control Field Technician

Within the many forms of urban signage, there is plenty of electronic interaction taking place at any given moment. Whether it's a toll gate, a traffic light, or a bridge opening indicator sign, chances are that the piece of equipment in question is electronically powered. Enter the traffic control field technician. This electrical engineering expert is the party responsible for going into the field and maintaining or installing these devices on location, thus keeping the rest of us safe and well-aware.

Energy Management Engineer

As the name denotes, the energy management engineer is responsible for helping to manage the use of energy in a specific facility or operation. School districts, manufacturing plants, entertainment venues, and even the government find a great value in the services of this individual. In a nutshell, this person will actively analyze the energy use and energized systems of an operation and look for ways to enhance it in any way, shape, or form. An upgrade to a building's heating and air system, for example, might be a way for the engineer here to improve a company's overall energy fingerprint.

Electrical Designer

For those interested in the general creation and design of new electrical systems and finding ways to include these systems into other products, the electrical designer position may be a top vocational choice. Every product and system has its own unique parameters that govern how electricity can be integrated within it. It is the job of the electrical designer to figure this out via creativity and knowledge in electrical design.

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Electrical engineering is absolutely here to stay. The world we live in continues to become more electrified, and as a result, degree-holders in this realm will have plenty of career choices to pick from. The five examples touched on here are just a small representation of the wide array of careers available with an electrical engineering degree today.