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You may currently be enrolled in program to study web design or you may just be starting out with your job search after graduating. There are a number of different jobs within the web design field and some of these positions overlap with other things like graphic design, marketing, etc. Web design in general is a very vague profession, which is good. This gives you a lot of room to find a job that you will enjoy. Let's take a look at some of the various positions you can find within the field of web design.

Marketing and Advertising

Web design jobs exist in both marketing and advertising as ways to promote a brand or product. A fully functional website is very important these days and not only is a web designer needed to program the page but they are also needed to help organize information and graphics in a successful way that will generate attention and business. There will likely be other professionals that will come up with a plan for branding and advertising, but in web design it is important to understand these areas to a certain degree.

Print Publication Design

A number of years ago, print publications were incredibly popular and were responsible for hiring a number of different designers for their company. Magazines and newspapers aren't as commonly used anymore, thanks to the rising popularity of tablets and smart phones. Print design techniques are still being used though, and they are being used to create online publications that you can subscribe to on your iPad or tablet. Only a web design specialist will be able to create such an impressive publication.

Designing Logos and Banners

It might sound like a simple task but there are jobs dedicated to web design that provide business logos and banners to be used on the Internet. These logos must be created in a way that grabs people's attention and helps them remember the name of a brand or company. You must possess a lot of knowledge and understanding of the web in order to generate successful designs.

Back End Web Design

There are two kinds of web design; front end and back end. The front end designer does things you can see like creates the logos and organizes the information on the page. The back end professional will do most of the programming to make the page run efficiently and properly. This job typically requires a good understanding of various programming languages like HTML. A professional in this sector must keep up to date on design trends as well.

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Whether you have been a web designer for a number of years or you are just starting out in the industry, there is always something new you can enjoy and learn. If you are interested in a change of pace, there are many different careers in web design that you can explore within the field. You may be more interested in the marketing aspect of design or you might be someone who likes to sit at your computer and analyze code to make it function better. Web design is ever-evolving thanks to the developments of the Internet that occur each and every day.