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Global MBAWhen you are taking the leap to enroll in a graduate program at a business school, it is important that you know the difference between a traditional and a Global MBA program. Both a traditional MBA and a global program are geared towards preparing students for leadership roles in the business world by covering real-world content, but structure is where the differences really lie. The Global program is in place to bring students together from all over the world and the traditional program does not focus on creating a culturally diverse student body. Read on, and find out more about Global MBA's and when and why you might want to earn this specialized business degree.

The Student Mix

There is no real definition of a global program or specific requirements that business schools must meet to classify one program as global and another as traditional. While there is not a criteria, there are specific elements that make what would appear to be a traditional program from the outside looking in a truly global one. One of the biggest differences to look for as you compare is the student mix.

Programs with a global focus often accept students from all around the world and will have a quota that they must meet to keep the student body diverse. Having a good mix of both local and international students will make the school a very culturally diverse place to be and will also help students build connections.

Difference in the Curriculum the is Delivered

Having just a diverse mix in the student body could be enough for a school to label their program as global program, but some also have a unique curriculum. Schools that are taking a global focus more often than not have an international orientation of the MBA curriculum so that they are prepared to work in a global business environment after graduation, according to Top MBA.

The international nature of the curriculum and how the courses all focus on the skills needed for a world leaning towards globalization is where students can really benefit. It is all about experiential learning and whether or not the school is committed to diversity when you are looking to find a program going global.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Global Business Degree?

Having a business degree can help you go places in your career, but since so many MBA students are approaching their graduation and will enjoy the MBA benefits, you need to find a way to stand out by highlighting what made your MBA career different from others, according to Post Grad. With your degree, you can climb the ladder, compete for jobs with multi-national companies, raise earning potential or even just hold a distinguishing mark. Some employers are also leaning towards those who have been training to deal with ongoing global business issues over those who have taken generic MBA classes.

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Technology has made the world a much smaller place. Now that people can communicate in an instant from thousands of miles away, it is possible to do business with people from another country without even speaking their language. You will still need to speak a global business language to succeed at any international level. To make this possible, consider earning a globally focused degree and enroll in a global MBA program at a respected business school.