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international MBAThere are several different types of MBA degree programs that train you for the real business world and the International MBA structure is becoming a very popular option. If you are in the process of comparing different globally-focused programs to earn your Master of Business Administration, it is important that you distinguish one type of program from the other so that you can get immersed in the right type of curriculum that is delivered in the right setting. Read this guide, and learn what you need to know about international programs and how they differ from others.

What the Purpose of an International MBA Program?

All MBA programs are designed to help students develop the business acumen and broad skill set that they need to succeed in leadership roles. While this is true for all programs, some have different focuses than others. If you were to take an international program, the content will be more centered around helping students master the global issues that businesses face all throughout the world and not just domestically. To do this, many of the programs have a focus on different cultures and different nations.

How is the International Program Structured?

One of the main differences between traditional, modular, professional, global and international programs is how they are structured. Unlike some of the professional and modular programs that offer flexible scheduling options, most international programs will require your undivided attention because of where the instruction is delivered.

When you are taking an International Master of Business Administration, you will enjoy special and unforgettable study abroad experiences. The full-time programs are held at one or multiple international business schools that partner together to rotate the student body so that they are immersed in different cultures throughout the world. Some of the programs will have course study both domestically and internationally. By covering content away from their home country, students are able to gain a deeper understanding of global business practices.

Are International Degrees Better Than Traditional Degrees?

If you are weighing all of the options and you are trying to decide which program is best, you have to know the pros and cons of studying abroad. International programs are not for everyone, because not everyone can pack up and leave their obligations and family at home. Two major set backs are when you have a family that relies on you or when you are already employed.

If these factors are not holding you back, you can really benefit from taking international programs. Not only are they shorter and more rigorous than US programs, they can help you learn new languages and build international connections that you can use in the business world. On top of all of this, some international options are a fraction of the cost of an American MBA program. If you will be working in a setting where global business is conducted, this will give you a major advantage.

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