What is the FEMA Higher Education Program?

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The FEMA Higher Education Program, or FEMA-HEP for short, is a federal government initiative focused on the safety and longevity of future generations via civil preparedness to the greatest capacities. Want to learn more about this special learning initiative today? Follow along for the scoop.

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Primary Mission

FEMA-HEP is a nationwide program put on by the US Department of Homeland Security's FEMA, or Federal Emergency Management Agency. As FEMA is the nation's official government body focused on emergency response and preparedness, the Higher Education Program is that agency's community outreach mechanism for keeping the science and study of emergency response alive and well for future generations.

In other words, this program is the agency's organized approach to educating the masses in emergency relations. Through the program, launched in 1994 by the Emergency Management Institute of Emmitsburg, Maryland, the agency is able to now work with numerous industries, educators, and many others so as to maintain knowledge and forward progress in the world of emergency preparedness throughout society. Per FEMA: "The primary goal of the FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Program is to work with colleges and universities, emergency management professionals, and stakeholder organizations to help create an emergency management system of sustained, replicable capability and disaster loss reduction through formal education, experiential learning, practice, and experience centered on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from the full range of natural, technological and intentional hazards which confront communities, States and the Nation."

FEMA-HEP Administration

So, how exactly does the agency administer this area of education and interest throughout society? As touched on above, the agency uses a multi-pronged approach to do this. Much of this approach relates to working with colleges and universities across the country to maintain relevant coursework and majors dedicated to the subject. Another component to FEMA-HEP's administration can be seen in the utilization of seminars, meetings, and other events that draw together various components of the professional world for the purpose of emergency awareness, preparedness, education, and more. In addition, FEMA also produces a variety of media and publications aimed at advancing this very same mission.

Program Academics

For those interested in the particulars of the academics the agency stays involved with through its FEMA-HEP, the agency maintains an online "College List" that is meant to provide further information along these lines. Visitors to this listing can ascertain the various concentrations, individual courses and majors, and the actual schools that work with the agency to educate students parallel to current FEMA-HEP standards. In addition, this page provides the visitor with an array of other related and useful links.

Emergency management and the science behind its utmost proficiency and modern prowess are, no doubt, important to people of today as well as those of tomorrow. Knowing how to handle the unexpected can make or break lives and even entire regions and civilizations. FEMA-HEP, or the FEMA Higher Education Program, is the Federal Emergency Management Agency's mode of assuring this very capacity throughout society today and tomorrow.