What Kind of Coursework Should I Expect in an MBA program?

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If you are planning on earning an advanced MBA degree, it is important to familiarize yourself with coursework for an MBA that must be completed to earn the degree. A Master of Business Administration degree program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and the skills that you need to become a valuable leader and professional in the business sector. You will learn several core concepts surrounding business, that often includes concepts in disciplines like: Economics, Taxation, Managerial Accounting, Accounting, Human Resources and more. While the types of coursework that you must complete to be handed your degree can vary based on the school and the concentration, here are some of the courses you can expect to take.

What is the Common MBA Core Curriculum?

As a general business degree, there is a set of core coursework that you must complete to build a foundation for the remainder of your business school education. Once this foundation has been laid, you may need to take additional coursework that pertains to the specialization that you are trying to earn. When you are accepted into a program and then enroll for your first semester, you should expect to take core courses for the entire first year. You may also need to take some additional core courses in the second year.

Some of the classes that fall into the common core classification include: Accounting, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Statistics, Production, Information Systems, and more. If you have taken these courses in undergraduate school, the MBA versions will teach the study from a different perspective. While some of the theories and technical information may line up, it is more likely that the real-world approach will be taken by MBA professors.

Choosing Elective Courses to Earn Your Specialization

If you meet with an admissions counselor, they will help you schedule all of your common core courses during your first year. If you are taking a cohort style program, you will be in the same classes with the same classmates all throughout your career as an MBA student. This allows you to connect with other professionals so that you can develop business and personal ties once you are done with school. Your schedule may need to be flexible for cohort programs, but you will more than likely have class the same time each night.

When you enter your second year and you have most of your core coursework completed, you will then have to choose elective courses. Most schools will give you a list of electives that you can choose from that will be centered around your specialization. Be sure to choose the area of study that you believe you will benefit the most from and that will also keep you interested.

An MBA degree offers several different career paths. You must consider which path you would like to take before you select any advanced degree program. Be sure to check the program details through the school's website and you can find out which courses are required in a specific program. Once you do that, you can prepare yourself to enter a program and complete coursework for an online MBA degree programso that you can compete in the competitive career market today.