What master’s degree will enable me to obtain a good salary?

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With today's challenging economy and slow job growth, many students are not only taking their interests into consideration when pursuing a masters degree. They want to know which degrees are worth their money. If you're wondering which masters degrees offer the best paying jobs, the answer may surprise you.

Physician's Assistant

If you like the medical field but don't relish the thought of eight plus years of school, getting your masters as a physician's assistant might prove to be both financially and mentally beneficial. According to a 2013 report by Forbes, this degree has a salary potential of the high 90s, not bad for a non-doctor. Because of the aging population and the shrinking number of medical school students, there is a growing demand for medical support professionals and it looks like it will continue to grow. Doctors don't have time to do it all and they rely heavily on PAs and nurses for support.

Computer Science Majors

With the advancements in technology and our dependence on them, majors in computer fields always carry with them large salary potentials. Getting a masters degree in computer science is a great way to insure a high paying salary. From businesses to government agencies, people who are experts on computers and the information systems that rule them are always going to be in high demand. Virtually every industry depends on computer technology provides and would be at a loss without the contribution computer science grads provide on a daily basis. Graduates with masters degrees in computer science can make upwards of $111,000.


Whether you are interested in chemical, electrical or aerospace engineering, these fields offer some of the highest paying salaries around. Aerospace Engineers play vital roles in the creation of missiles, spacecraft and airplanes Chemical and electrical engineers also go through rigorous training and enjoy high salary earning potential upon graduation.


A masters in business and administration can open doors to management and corporate positions and help you achieve a very high salary. This type of degree is something you can pursue both traditionally and online and can be used in almost any business, organization or agency. MBA graduates enjoy salaries ranking from $60,000 to hundreds of thousands.

Whether your interests are in computers, engineering or business, these masters programs offer some of the best salary compensation and prestige. Taking the time to properly research any potential masters degree program is challenging. However, finding a masters degree program that caters both to your interests and your wallet is possible.

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