Looking at the pre-requisites needed to apply for a Master of Science in Nursing program is a great way to find out what you need to do before enrolling in one of these programs. Earning an MSN degree lets you further your skills and apply for management and similar jobs that pay more. According to Payscale, the salary range for nurses with an MSN degree is between $72,000 to more than $110,000 a year. If you want to make more money in the nursing profession, find out what prerequisites you need to enter an MSN program.

Bachelor of Science Degree

The first requirement for this type of program is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. While some lower level programs will let you enroll with just an associate’s degree, you need a bachelor’s to enter a master’s program. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another field, you can enter a RN to BSN program to complete your degree. You may have the chance to completing your bachelor’s degree at the same school you apply to before starting the graduate program.

Required Courses

One of the pre-requisites needed to apply for a Master of Science in Nursing program is an official transcript from the college or nursing school you attended. This transcript must include a full list of all classes you took, what grades you earned and your overall or cumulative grade point average. You typically need to show that you took general and specialized nursing classes and that you took at least one upper level statistics or research class. Some programs actually require that MSN students take a statistics class no more than five years before applying.

Nursing License

There is no point in going to nursing school or going through a nursing program unless you plan on actually working as a nurse. When you apply for a spot in an MSN program, you need to show that you have a nursing license in your state. The school may require that you apply for and obtain a nursing license in its state as well. Getting your nursing license requires that you pass a background check and take the national licensing exam called the NCLEX. You can take that test multiple times after finishing an accredited nursing program.

Other Requirements

While these are some of the more common prerequisites required of MSN students, schools have the right to establish other requirements too. Many schools now require that students submit a professional resume and/or a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose is a small essay that asks why you chose nursing and why you selected that school. Other pre-requisites needed to apply for a Master of Science in Nursing program may include proof that you have one or more years of experience working as a nurse or in a health care job and an application fee. Many schools also require several letters of recommendation too.

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Going to grad school for nursing qualifies you to work in higher paying jobs that require the management and leadership of others. Before enrolling in one of these programs, make sure you meet the basic requirements. The pre-requisites needed to apply for a Master of Science in Nursing program often include a bachelor’s in nursing, a nursing license, letters of recommendation and the payment of an application fee.