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Albertus Magnus College began in 1924 when the Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs purchased a New Haven, Connecticut, estate in order to found a women's college. The Sisters, now known as the Dominican Sisters of Peace, held the first classes in Rosary Hall, the mansion located on the property they purchased.

In 1940, the campus expanded to 50 acres, absorbing many of the surrounding mansions that are now used as dormitories and office space. The school is known for a strict liberal arts curriculum that required students to learn either Latin or Greek. In 1985, Albertus Magnus College became co-educational and graduate programs were added in 1992.

Today, there are more than 500 full-time and 1,000 continuing education students attending Albertus Magnus College. The curriculum at the school is still rooted in the Dominican tradition. The school is devoted to the pursuit of truth and in the proposition that faith and reason are complementary.

Albertus Magnus College Accreditation Details

Albertus Magnus College is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Accreditation indicates to parents, students and employers that graduates of programs offered at Albertus Magnus College are prepared for leadership roles in their field of study and that the school agrees to voluntary review to confirm that they are meeting their goals and objectives. The Master of Art Therapy program is accredited by the American Art Therapy Association and business programs at the college are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Albertus Magnus College Application Requirements

Students who have not earned college credit after high school graduation are freshmen at Albertus Magnus College. They must complete the Common Application and provide official high school transcripts. They must also provide official ACT or SAT scores, a personal essay and one letter of recommendation.

Students who have completed college courses after high school graduation must complete either the Albertus Magnus College application for the Common Application. Students must provide official high school transcripts as well as transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Students who graduated in 2015 or later must also provide official SAT or ACT scores. A personal essay and one letter of recommendation are also required.

Each graduate program has its own requirements for admission. Students are encouraged to speak to an admissions counselor before applying.

Albertus Magnus College Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time undergraduate tuition at Albertus Magnus College is $15,785 per semester. Accelerated undergraduate tuition is $1,575 per course. New Dimensions tuition is $1,380 per course for undergraduate programs. Accelerated graduate degree tuition ranges from $2,004 to $4,392 per course and New Dimensions graduate tuition is $2,553 per course.

Financial aid is available in the form of grants, scholarships loans and work-study. Students must complete the FAFSA in order to qualify for any federal financial aid. Albertus Magnus College also accepts employer-funded tuition and veteran's benefits.

Online Degrees Available

Master of Fine Arts in Writing

The Master of Fine Arts in Writing at Albertus Magnus College can be completed totally online with three intensive classroom sessions and writing workshops each semester. Students gain an understanding of specific writing genres and the creative process. Students also learn about the market trend in professional writing and gain the ability to plan a major writing project. They also learn to develop an effective synopsis, outline and submission materials that meet industry standards. Throughout the program, students work to create a portfolio of publishable work in their chosen genre. The student must hold a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must also provide two letters of recommendation, a 750 to 1,000-word essay entitled "The Writer's Journey," a sample of written work and a one-page resume. Courses required include:

  • Readings in Fiction
  • Readings in Nonfiction
  • Readings in Poetry
  • Seminar in Fiction I & II
  • Seminar in Non-Fiction I & II
  • Seminar in Poetry I & II
  • The Creative Process
  • The Literary Marketplace
  • Writing Portfolio

Students must also complete a Master Project that requires them to create, revisit, develop and refine a body of substantial work in their chosen genre.

Master of Arts in Leadership

The Master of Arts in Leadership at Albertus Magnus College is a 33-credit hour program designed to help build skills in leadership. The program focuses on leadership as a relational process with diverse viewpoints and inclusiveness. The program has a strong liberal arts focus, integrating philosophy, religion, organizational psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and other subjects that create good leaders. Students gain an understanding of how leadership is more than what you need to know, but more about who you are. The program is available completely online or students can choose a blended or Flex format. The program also focuses on how learning happens in a community with relationships based on respect for diversity as well as trust. Students gain an understanding of how language is essential to leadership and how leaders must not only make choices but also take responsibility for their own actions. Courses required include:

  • Cultural Anthropology & Leadership: Organizations as Culture
  • Human Resource Management in a Changing Environment
  • Leadership & Diversity
  • Leadership and the New Science: Research Design & Methods to Understand Leadership
  • Leadership, Imagination & Communication
  • Leadership in Theory and Practice
  • Moral Leadership: Defining the Character of Individuals & Organizations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Resolving Conflict Through Dialogue
  • Servant Leadership
  • Special Topics in Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership in a Changing Society
  • Team Building and Leadership

Albertus Magnus College began with a mission to provide young women an education based in the Dominican faith. Over the years, the school has grown to include young men, but the focus is still the same – to provide an outstanding education steeped in the Dominican faith. With online courses, Albertus Magnus College provides an outlet for adult learners to achieve their higher education goals in order to move into a new career or advance in a current career.