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American Public University System

American Public University is an online university that offers over 190 degrees and certificates in both undergraduate and graduate fields of study. Classes begin at the start of each calendar month, and most classes last between eight and 16 weeks. The school's student population includes 100,000 online students, yet, the average class size at the university remains at 16 students per class. Many students at American Public University are working adults or are currently serving in active military duty. American Public University is a four-time winner of the Online Learning Consortium's Effective Practice Award. It was also ranked as one of the top online universities by the U.S. News and World Report for the past three years.

American Public University Accreditation Details

American Public University is a member of the American Public University System (APUS). The APUS holds accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, which awards accreditation across 19 states. Accreditation was also granted for specialized programs at American Public University. The RN to BSN program received accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and 17 business programs are also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

American Public University Application Requirements

Students who wish to apply to American Public University will make their applications based upon their chosen program of study. Each field of study will offer different admissions criteria. The university suggests that the best way to ensure that the admissions process runs smoothly is to choose the right degree plan before applying to the school. After students chose their degree path, the students then submit an online application.

The application takes 15 minutes to half an hour to complete. The application requires the applicants to submit information about any previous education. It also requires the applicant to officially declare the major or program of study. The application is immediately followed by student orientation. Student IDs will be issued during this time. Students have 15 weeks to submit any relevant documentation to American Public University, including any admission documentation or any transfer credit evaluation applications.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Current tuition rates for undergraduate programs are currently priced at $270 per credit hour. For military-service members, tuition is capped at $250 per credit hour. Current tuition rates for graduate programs are currently priced at $350 per credit hour. For military-service members, tuition at the graduate level is capped at $325 per credit hour. Students may choose to audit classes for $100 per credit hour.

Tuition does not include books or supplies. Instead, the university book grant provides free textbooks and e-books to undergraduate students. In addition to tuition, students pay required fees. Admission and registration are free at American Public University. The technology fee per course is $50. The graduation fee is also $100.

American Public University accepts the following forms of payment and financial aid:

• Federal Student Aid (FSA)
• Military Tuition Assistance
• Military aid
• Veteran benefits
• Scholarships
• Private Loans
• Employer Vouchers
• Credit cards, e-checks or a payment plan

Online Master of Arts in History

The online Master of Arts in History is a part of the university's flagship history department which offers graduate degrees for history professionals. The degree works to lead students down a path of academic exploration of both recent history and ancient history. The goal of the degree is not to teach historical facts and dates. Instead, it aims to encourage students to learn about the cultures and events that shape the world as it is today.

Choosing from several areas, students in this graduate program may choose to study:

• Ancient History
• American History
• European History
• Global History
• Classical History
• Public History

The university's global teaching staff facilitates the teaching of histories from across the globe with different perspectives that are valuable to well-rounded historians. Many of the faculty are currently historians and authors who are active in their fields and constantly searching for new methods and ideas. The program also encourages students to fully-engage with their peers. As the cohort commits to pursuing new and more accurate theories and interpretations, they can benefit from peer reviewing.

The graduate program is not only for those who want to pursue careers as historians. It is also designed for students who are history enthusiasts and for those who want to teach history in an educational setting like public and private schools. Developing new perspectives is not the only skill that the program facilitates. As a graduate program, faculty are devoted to helping students become better writers and communicators. Tasks are designed to help encourage research skills and analytical skills. By the end of the degree, students should walk away not only with a greater breadth of knowledge of history but with the ability to research, reason and communicate rational and compelling arguments.

Helping students pursue their educational and professional goals is the American Public University's advisory team. The team is available to meet with students between 7 AM and 7 PM EST on Monday and Tuesday and between 7 AM and 5 PM EST on Wednesday at Thursday. Students can schedule individual appointments with their academic advisers to plan their studies, set goals and figure out what to do after their time at the university is complete.

Students can also take advantage of the ClearPath Mentoring program. This program allows students to look for insight not from a team of professionals but from their own peers. The ClearPath platform provides a place for students to consult their fellow students about academic issues and professional qualms in a safe, one-on-one setting.

Finally, online students benefit from American Public University's career services program. The program offers students the chance to combine their graduate foundations in history with the ability write resumes and give compelling interviews. The program also connects students with fellowships and internships at home and abroad, thus, helping graduates find jobs related to their field of expertise.

American Public University offers pupils from all walks of life the opportunity to take their education into their own hands and study history at a graduate level.

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