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Central Michigan University, better known as CMU, is a large public university. Founded in 1892, the university opened as a small college that offered opportunities for students living in the central portion of the state. Prior to the establishment of this campus, students moved to other parts of Michigan and to other states to attend college. As the university grew though, it began welcoming students from other parts of the country and eventually students from around the world. With an enrollment of more than 29,000 students, CMU now ranks as one of the largest colleges in the state and as one of the largest public colleges in the nation.

CMU now has eight colleges operating on its campus that allow students to study specific subjects like engineering, business, education, fine arts and health. It also has its own College of Graduate Studies that offers programs for graduate and professional students. Washington Monthly, Forbes and U.S. News & World Report all ranked CMU as one of the best colleges in the United States. The university has three endowed lecture series programs that allow students and those in the community to attend lecturers and listen to speeches. Though CMU is home to a number of residence halls, students now have the option of earning degrees online too.

Central Michigan University Accreditation Details

The main accreditation that Central Michigan has is regional or institutional accreditation, which comes from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). As a regional branch of the Higher Learning Commission, the NCACS is responsible for ensuring that the university maintains and keeps its accreditation through regular reviews, which occur every 10 years. CMU passed all previous reviews and accurately maintained its accreditation. More than 10 organizations and groups accredited programs available from CMU like those in dietetics, education, art and social work, including:

  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design
  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education
  • Council for Interior Design Accreditation
  • Council on Social Work Education Office of Social Work Accreditation
  • Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering
  • Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.

Central Michigan University Application Requirements

As CMU offers both undergrad and graduate programs, you must pick the application type that best describes your current situation. All prospective undergrads must submit official transcripts from their high schools that show their current class rankings and all their previous grades. CMU will only accept those who completed a college prep curriculum, which includes four years of classes in English, life sciences, social/behavioral sciences and math. The university will check your transcript to see how well you maintained or improved your grades over the years. You must also submit a standardized test score that comes directly from the testing body and fill out an online application. CMU accepts around 70% of all undergrads who apply. A $35 fee is due at the time that you submit your application.

Graduate students must also complete the online application. This application will include more sections dedicated to the professional experiences you have and your education background that the undergrad application does. The university looks for prospective graduate students who did fieldwork and internships in college. This shows that they have a commitment to their studies. CMU, which charges a fee of $45 for all graduate applications, recommends that you submit the application at least six weeks before you want to start. Depending on the program that you want to enroll in, you may need letters of recommendation, a GRE score and/or a copy of your resume. You must also have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college by the time that classes start.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Online students can save on the total cost of attending CMU because they do not pay extra for a dorm room and meal plan. Michigan residents pay a tuition rate of around $12,000 a year, which lets them take a full course load each semester, but this price rises to more than $23,000 a year for nonresidents. As an undergrad, you can file the FAFSA and see if you qualify for any type of financial aid. Online undergrads may qualify for both loans and grants, though some students also qualify for scholarships from the university itself too.

The standard tuition rate for graduate students is $548 per credit hour, and most of these classes are worth three to four credit hours each. The price for nutrition courses increases to $555 per credit hour, and you'll pay $600 per credit for MBA classes. CMU does offer a discounted tuition rate for all graduate students currently enlisted in a branch of the military. If you are not on active duty and need help paying for graduate school, file the FAFSA at the same time that you apply or after receiving an acceptance letter. Factors like your income or the income of your parents will determine if you qualify for any grants or loans. You can also apply for alternative student loans or ask your parents to apply for student loans.

Online Degrees Available

CMU offers a number of undergrad and graduate programs that take place entirely online. You also have the option of enrolling in a hybrid program that lets you meet with professors and take classes on campus while doing the majority of your work online. One of the entirely online options is its Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology program. You can learn the skills necessary for working in social work, community health centers and other fields. The university also offers a BS in Community Development that will give you a good background in community relations. The health sciences concentration includes courses on human anatomy and physiology.

There are 11 different graduate programs available online through the university too. One of those programs lets you earn a Master of Arts in Reading and Literacy (K-12), which can help you find work as a tutor, teacher or reading specialist. This program can also count towards the continuing education credits that you need after obtaining a teaching license. Another popular online program is its MBA program. Earning your Master of Business Administration can help you open your own business or run an entire department. Central Michigan University offers its MBA programs with concentrations in logistics management, VOD, marketing, human resource management and ERP.