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East Carolina University (ECU) is a public, comprehensive research university located in Greenville, NC. Home to nearly 29,000 students, ECU is a state leader in offering online degree programs for distance education. What began as a Teachers Training College now houses 12 colleges and schools, including an Honors College and the Graduate school. East Carolina University places a strong emphasis STEM, with nearly half of the degree-seeking student population enrolled in a science, technology, engineering, math or health-care program.

East Carolina Accreditation Details

East Carolina University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award degrees ranging from baccalaureate to doctoral levels. In addition, specific programs are accredited by specialized accrediting bodies, to include those in the fields of healthcare, education, business and engineering.

East Carolina University Application Requirements

Students applying for undergraduate admissions have the options of applying directly to ECU through an online application process or by forwarding an already completed Common Application. Whichever method the student chooses, there is a required $75.00 application fee that must be submitted when applying. Students should then forward high school transcripts showing a college preparatory course load that includes four years each of English and mathematics, three years of natural science, and two years each of social studies and a foreign language. In addition, standardized test scores and a listing of extracurricular activities are needed for consideration.

Students applying for graduate admissions, whether on-campus or online, will complete a Common Application for graduate studies and submit it along with the $75.00 application fee. In addition, prospective graduate students must provide transcripts showing all post-secondary coursework completed, appropriate test scores for their intended degree program, either GRE, GMAT, or MAT, and letters of recommendation as required by the specific degree program chosen. Requirements for admission may vary according to degree program, and additional requirements may apply for some.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As part of the state university system in North Carolina, East Carolina University offers a fixed tuition program for undergraduate studies. Incoming freshman seeking a four-year degree will have their tuition rate fixed for eight consecutive semesters, to include fall and spring semesters for four years. Some flexibility is allowed on a case-by-case basis for five-year programs as well. For students involved in the distance learning programs as undergraduates, total tuition rates and fees are $166.41 per credit hour for in-state residents and $716.31 per credit hour for non-residents.

Graduate tuition rates for distance education start at $249.26 for state residents and $893.82 for non-residents. However, individual graduate programs require additional tuition in amounts that range from $34.00 per credit hour to $127.00 per credit hour.

Financial aid is available in the form of grant, loans, and scholarships, ranging from the institutional to the federal level. Prospective students are encouraged to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, as early as possible after deciding to pursue a degree. Once received, the Office of Student Financial Aid at ECU will work with each student and family to determine financial need and distribute any aid received.

Online Degrees Available

East Carolina University offers several master's programs that can be earned completely online, including several Master of Science degrees, Master of Arts degrees, and a Master of Business Administration. Prospective students can earn these advanced degrees in various fields of business, computer science, communications, and security studies, to name a few.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA offered at ECU is a completely self-contained, flexible degree program designed for both business and non-business undergraduates that can be taken either on-campus or completely online. The coursework covers subjects in areas of finance, economics, information systems, supply chain management, accounting, marketing, strategy, and operations management. Courses can be taken in any order as long as prerequisites are met.

Degree completion requires a total of 54 credit hours spread over 18 classes, some of which are foundational and intended to get the non-business undergraduate student up to speed. Business undergraduate students who took these foundational courses as part of their bachelor degree program and earned an A or B in them may waive the requirements of completing them again for the graduate degree.

Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication program at East Carolina University places an emphasis on health communication and offers both a thesis and non-thesis option. It involves a total of 30 semester hours in subjects that include media and health communications, interpersonal health communications, and intercultural communications in health contexts. Students with this degree can seek positions as health care advocates, public relations specialists, wellness center managers and more.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science degree program at ECU is offered both on campus and completely online, providing flexibility and options for students interested in pursuing a degree in this field. This program requires prospective students to have an undergraduate degree in computer sciences and to show proficiency in at least one high level programming language and in the study of computer architecture and software design.

Completion of the Master of Science in Computer Science requires a total of 30 credit hours and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on all graduate coursework, successful completion of a comprehensive examination, and then completion of either a project or thesis, done under the direction of an advisor. This thesis or project must then be defended before the student's examination committee.

Master of Science in Security Studies

The Master of Science in Security Studies at ECU is only available online. It is an interdisciplinary program that includes knowledge from a variety of fields, including criminal justice, environmental health and safety, political science, and computer technology, among others. Degree requirements involve completion of 36 credit hours, comprised of five core courses, an internship, four courses in an area of emphasis, and a thesis or non-thesis option. The areas of emphasis to choose from are international security, homeland security policy, science and technology security, and environmental health and occupational safety.

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With todays technology, students have more flexibility than ever in seeking to attend college and pursue advanced degrees. By offering a wide variety of online graduate degree programs, as well as the many on-campus programs, East Carolina University continues its plan to become America's next great national university.