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Grantham University is a large university that operates entirely online. It grew out of a small school based in Los Angeles that opened in the early 1950s. Called Grantham Radio License School, it bared the name of its founder. The original Grantham was a veteran of World War II who wanted to help other veterans complete the requirements necessary for getting their own radio licenses. Grantham quickly established other campuses like the one in Los Angeles grew. He built campuses in major American cities. Once the school received approval from the United States Department of Education, it developed other departments and added even more programs to its curriculum.

Also called both GU and Grantham, the university now offers online classes and programs. During the 1980s, the university established a distance learning program that allowed students to take classes and earn college credits without attending classes on one of its campuses. Grantham later shut down its smaller campuses to focus solely on its online programs. Those programs are available from four different colleges and schools, including the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Arts and Sciences. Grantham University saw its enrollment grow in the late 2010s to include more than 17,000 students.

Grantham University Accreditation Details

Grantham University is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. As Grantham has a national rather than regional accreditation, students could find that regionally accredited schools may not accept credits for courses taken at Grantham University. The University does not hold any specialty accreditations.

Grantham University Application Requirements

More than 40% of students who attend Grantham University are so satisfied that they enroll in a second degree program after completing a first. The university makes it easy for anyone to apply because it has fewer admissions requirements than other colleges do. Incoming graduate students must have an undergrad grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Those who have a lower GPA must appeal to the university and ask for a GPA waiver. The university also asks that students complete at least 50% of their required courses at Grantham. Those who have credits from another school can submit their transcripts and transfer in those credits.

Grantham also requires official transcripts because it wants to make sure that students took the right classes as an undergrad. If the university determines that students missed some required courses, it will ask that they take them before starting a graduate program. The main requirement for incoming grad students is the completion and submission of the online application. It asks for personal information such as a social security number, which helps the university verify the student's identity.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Every graduate student who attends Grantham will pay the same rate, no matter what programs or fields they study. The basic tuition rate for grad students is $325 per credit hour, which is significantly less than what other for-profit schools charge. If students are in the military or are a military veteran, they can qualify for scholarships that lower their tuition rates. Those scholarships drop their rates down to $250 per credit hour. Grantham also has a grant program for military students and veterans, their dependents and first responders. This grant covers the cost of any textbooks or software that they need in their classes.

The university offers 10 different scholarships for incoming students, including programs designed for women, military students and government employees. These programs provide students with up to $30,000 or more that they can use as they work on their degrees. Students can visit the university's financial aid website to check the application deadlines and requirements for each scholarship. Many Grantham students also take out student loans. The university can help students apply for federal loans and look for alternative loans.

Online Degrees Available

Grantham University now offers 15 online programs for graduate students. While many of these programs focus on business and technology, there are quite a few nursing programs available too. The RN to Master of Science in Nursing Bridge Program helps students earn a Master of Science in Nursing after finishing an RN program. They will take 24 credits of undergrad classes and pass a comprehensive exam before beginning their graduate studies. This program helps students earn an MSN faster and spend less time in a BSN program. It includes courses such as Population Health in the Global Community, Health Assessment for Professional Nursing and Fundamentals of Technical Writing.

Nurses can also earn an MSN in Case Management from Grantham. Designed for those who want to work in healthcare administration and patient care, it features a Case Management Practicum that allows students to gain more administration experience in their home fields. The program also features a practical experience course that gives students an idea of what to expect when they work in the field. MSN students will complete 36 credits of classes, including Life Care Planning, Clinical and Administrative Systems, Concepts of Case Management and Modern Organizations and Healthcare. Grantham asks students to take a Case Management Research Seminar too.

One of the top online programs offered by the university is its Master of Business Administration program. Designed for those who want to learn more about general business practices, it includes 37 credits of classes. Students must first take Graduate Student Success, which is a class worth one credit that teaches them how to succeed in a graduate program and what they will need to do online. The other 36 credits of classes include Marketing Management, Business Ethics and Strategies for Change. This program has a capstone project requirement too that asks students to design and create a project around an emerging or trending business topic. Grantham offers an accelerated MBA program also.

The university's Master of Science in Performance Improvement is a unique program that teaches students how to communicate better with their coworkers and employees and how to track the performance of humans. They'll also learn improvement techniques that they can use in the field. It features 37 credits of courses, including Learning and Performance, Strategic Human Resources Management, Performance Analysis and Evaluating Results and Benefits. With 15 different online Master's degree programs, prospective students should have no problem finding the right Grantham University program for them.