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Penn State Online is the nickname for the e-campus of Pennsylvania State University. They launched their online campus in 1998, making them one of the trailblazers of college distance education. Their mission is to extend undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs to global learners. Penn State World Campus offers over 150 online degrees and certificates through Penn State academic departments and colleges. The actual campus is located in University Park, Pennsylvania and caters to military members, adult learners and corporate partners.

The Penn State World Campus develops and delivers quality degrees through teams of professionals who provide academic oversight and support services. Pennsylvania State University World Campus is known for creating career-driven programs that encourage active learning, proactive inquiry and problem solving of real-world issues. This educational quality is achieved through market-based research and the professional experiences of faculty. Penn State World Campus. Penn State is a nationally recognized higher learning institution with one of the largest alumni in the country.

Pennsylvania State University World Campus Accreditation Details

Pennsylvania State University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Smeal College of Business is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools. The Accreditation Board for Information and Technology has approved the various engineering degree programs. The American Psychological Association has approved the doctoral programs.

Pennsylvania State University World Campus Application Requirements

Every online graduate program has unique application requirements. For example, technical degrees like the Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design will require prerequisites and a four-year degree in engineering, technology, manufacturing or a related field. A 3.0 GPA is required, but exceptions are offered to students with special abilities and backgrounds. At least two to three years of relevant work experience are preferred.

Official transcripts from each college attended must be provided. All applicants must submit GRE scores, but this will be waived for those with five years of work experience or a current master's degree. Graduate degree applicants usually must submit up to three references and a one- to two-page statement of purpose. This should detail career goals and personal motivations. The statement of purpose is a chance to demonstrate writing skills and communication proficiency. Graduate degree applicants must usually submit one- to two-page resume.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates depend on the program. The Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design charges $1,100 per credit for less than 12 credits per semester. Those who take over 12 credits will pay a flat rate of $13,200. The Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics degree costs $975 per credit for under 12 credits per semester. Those who take over 12 will pay a flat rate of $11,700. The Master of Professional Studies in Geodesign costs $886 per credit for less than 12 credits or a flat rate of $10,634 for over 12 credits. All online students will pay the Information Technology fee of $252 for over nine credits per semester, $189 for nine to five credits or $86 for under five credits.

Both full- and part-time students are eligible for federal student aid and university scholarships if they have submitted a FAFSA. There is tuition assistance for the unemployed through the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. Pennsylvania State University World Campus offers impressive tuition assistance to military students and veterans. These include the ROTC, GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon financial aid programs.

Installment payment plans are available, so students may pay over several months. The eCheck and credit card payment plays may come with additional fees. Penn State World Campus encourages students to seek employment tuition assistance. These students will need their employers to submit an authorization to bill on company letterhead that includes personal, semester, company and payment information. The employer reimbursement and tuition deferment programs will allow eligible students to defer tuition payment until they finish the semester.

The World Campus Student Fund scholarship is open to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with a 3.2 GPA. They must have completed at least 24 credits. World Campus scholarships are available to first-time and returning students who are either full-time or part-time. Other financial aid opportunities include Penn State Scholarships, the Alpha Sigma Lambda and the Fannie Lou Hamer – W.E.B. DuBois Scholarship.

Online Degrees Available

Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design

The Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design is for current engineers who want to learn about 3D or additive manufacturing. This new manufacturing trend is redefining production of things like airplanes, household items and medical equipment. Students will learn how to fabricate innovative designs and materials layer by layer until they achieve a 3D printed part. They will be prepared to work in a wide range of industries, such as medical, energy, aerospace and consumer goods. The 30-credit degree is offered through the School of Engineering Design, Technology and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics

The online Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics degree program trains students how to design and maintain big data warehouse and data analytics systems. Students take classes in data mining, modeling, modeling and architecture. They will learn how to develop business intelligence and extraction, transformation, loading tools. The faculty teaches students how to analyze, collect and classify large-scale data across domains. This is possible through the power of statistics, machine learning, computer science and software engineering. This program was created through four colleges and four departments. Class titles include Data Mining Foundations, Predictive Analytics and Large-Scale Warehouses.

Master of Professional Studies in Geodesign

The 35-credit Master of Professional Studies in Geodesign is one of the few programs in the country to teach students about the design and development of sites that achieve social relevancy, economic viability and ecological sustainability. These students learn how to apply appropriate geodesign tools and techniques to create geoprocessing solutions that assess building impacts on the natural and social environments. Faculty will teach students how to leverage the power of design, science and sustainability to create solutions that help leaders and organizations successfully manage resources, anticipate change and prepare for better futures.

Regardless of the degree program, online students at Pennsylvania State University World Campus will enjoy a career-based curriculum, updates on the latest industry trends and an engaged network of peers respected faculty.