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Texas Tech University is one of several campuses that form the Texas Tech University System. Founded in 1923 as a technical school, it offered programs that weren't available at other schools in Texas and neighboring states. When the campus first opened, it had just four schools that offered degree programs, and many of those school are still part of the university today. The university now goes by several names such as TTU and Texas Tech. Some students refer to the campus as just Tech too.

Washington Monthly and U.S. News & World Report both rank Texas Tech within the top 180 of all colleges in America, while Forbes ranks the university slightly lower. According to ARWU, TTU also ranks within the top 500 of all schools in the world. The university offers several horticultural and agricultural programs that rank among the best in the country, but it also offers degree programs at the bachelor's, doctoral and master's levels in other areas. Texas Tech has one of the largest graduate schools in the state with an enrollment of more than 6,000 students.

Texas Tech University Accreditation Details

Many students do not have the funds to pay for the total cost of attending college, which is why they use the FAFSA and apply for financial aid. Students can only get and use government aid if they attend a school with regional accreditation. Texas Tech has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which also gives students the opportunity to transfer credits into the degree program they want to study. The university also offers accredited degree programs in marriage and family therapy, law, psychology, healthcare management and other fields.

Texas Tech University Application Requirements

Like other online schools and schools that offer online degree programs, Texas Tech offers an online application that allows students to complete some admissions requirements from the comfort of their own homes. This application features a setup page that asks students to pick a username and password to create an account. They can use their information to log in later and work on the application whenever they want. Students will also pay the fee the university charges to process applications. This application asks where they earned their undergrad degrees from and whether they have any field or professional experience.

Depending on the program that appeals to the student, he or she may need to submit some other information too. Many programs ask for a resume because advisers want to see if the students have experience outside of school. Some require either a research sample or a writing sample to gauge the skills that students have in those areas. Students will often need to provide either references or letters of recommendation too. They can have their references write letters that they submit to the university or allow the university to contact their references.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As a public university, TTU charges lower tuition rates than other schools do. Residents of Texas and students who live in border counties in either Oklahoma or New Mexico pay $8,770 per year for tuition and miscellaneous fees. Students living in all other states and counties pay $17,070 in fees and tuition each year. Full-time students pay these rates each year and can take multiple classes each semester. Tuition starts at around $610 per credit hour for part-time students.

TTU offers both fellowships and assistantships for graduate students. These programs are only available for those taking classes on its campus though because students will do work for their professors and in their departments. Graduate students can apply for external scholarships and grants too and send the funds they receive directly to the university. Many grad students also use at least one student loan. Graduate PLUS loans and unsubsidized loans both come from the federal government, while alternative loans come from other types of lenders.

Online Degrees Available

Master of Science in Agricultural Communications

Texas Tech offers both traditional and unique degree programs for online graduate students. One of its unique programs allows students to earn a Master of Science in Agricultural Communications. Designed for those who want to work in the agribusiness industry, this program teaches students how to communicate with their employees and clients as well as with other business owners. Students have the option of taking research classes and doing a thesis or taking some electives. The agricultural communications core is worth 18 credits and features classes like Knowledge Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Foundations of Agricultural Communications and Advanced Imaging and Design in Agricultural Communications.

Master of Arts in English

The TTU Department of English offers a Master of Arts in English program that allows students to study English literature and literature from other countries. Students will take two foundation courses such as History and Theory of College Composition and Research Methods. They will also take classes on British and American literature as well as comparative literature. Though TTU does not offer a creative writing concentration for online students, those students can select a concentration in an area like film and media studies or comparative literature. Students will either take two extra classes and submit a portfolio or do a thesis.

Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Texas Tech offers one of the only online Family and Consumer Sciences Education graduate programs in the nation. Graduates receive a Master of Science after taking at least 39 credits of classes. The university designed this program to prepare students to become professionals in this field. Students will take 30 credits of required courses, including Occupational Family and Consumer Science Programs, Multicultural Education and Special Needs Learners. Texas Tech requires that students do a practicum that is worth two credits and two internships that are worth a total of six credits.

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

Students can also earn a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics online from Texas Tech. Students must already be a registered dietitian or nutritionist before beginning the program. It is also open to students who plan on doing an internship and becoming registered in the future. This program and the internship that is available both have accreditation from the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. All of the 33 credits of required classes are available online, including Clinical Nutrition Applications and Introduction to Nutritional Research. Texas Tech University can help students locate internship opportunities in Texas and in other states too.