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University of Maryland University College

University of Maryland University College, established in 1947, is an integral part of the University of Maryland System for working adults and nontraditional students. The school is one of the nationwide leaders in online educational programs, with two-year, four-year and graduate degree programs that students can complete in either online or hybrid formats. As a result of this unique commitment, and the school's affordable public tuition rates, UMUC is one of the most popular educational choices for military members, veterans, and adult learners nationwide.

University of Maryland University College Accreditation Details

As a major component of the University of Maryland System, the University of Maryland University College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Recognized by the Council of Higher Education at the federal level, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education allows UMUC to offer its students state and federal financial aid programs, accept transfer credits, and earn recognition from other regionally accredited universities throughout the United States. Regional accreditation is supplemented by the school's status as being fully reviewed by the Maryland Board of Regents. Additionally, UMUC is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Alongside its regional accreditation and state certifications, the University of Maryland University College has obtained several programmatic accreditations for its programs in business, education, nursing, and other academic areas. Most important to the school's business programs, UMUC has received accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. This group represents one of the "big three" business education accreditation bodies in the United States.

University of Maryland University College Application Requirements

Graduate students who are applying to University of Maryland University College for the first time must satisfy several application requirements in order to have their credentials reviewed and considered for full admission to the program. Unlike many other University of Maryland System institutions, UMUC does not require submission of official GRE or GMAT test scores. These scores should not even be submitted optionally, as the admissions committee does not use test scores as a factor in the admissions decision. Instead, UMUC requires its graduate applicants to submit an official copy of all transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended. These transcripts form the basis of the admissions consideration process, but they're not the only factor considered by the admissions committee.

In addition to transcripts, students should submit a professional resume documenting their managerial experience as it relates to their program of choice. The school also requires a personal statement that outlines the student's goals, professional experiences, and their expectations of the UMUC program to which they are applying. Letters of recommendation maybe required, though this depends on the program that the student has chosen. The online application, along with the required application fee, will begin the process for graduate students at UMUC.

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University of Maryland University College Tuition and Financial Aid

Because the University of Maryland University College is a state-funded, public institution, its students pay a variable tuition rate based on their residency. In-state students from Maryland pay the most affordable rate for graduate tuition, which is currently $458 per credit hour of the program. Out-of-state residents pay a considerably higher tuition rate, at $659 per credit hour. As one of the most popular schools for members of the military, as well as military veterans, University of Maryland University College offers the in-state tuition rate to anyone who can provide proof of their active or former enlistment in the military. It's worth noting that UMUC also has special tuition rates for specialized master's degree programs and doctoral programs, though these are very few and their enrollment is especially limited.

Online Master of Science in Management: Accounting

The M.S. degree in management at University of Maryland University College is designed primarily for students who already have some degree of managerial experience in a professional setting, though this is not an explicit requirement. Furthermore, the program does require a basic understanding of accounting and managerial finance prior to enrollment. For students who do not have this academic experience, the school offers up to 6 credits in accounting and finance fundamentals that can be taken before the graduate coursework commences.

Upon satisfying all admission and course prerequisite requirements, students in the University of Maryland University College program will work through a university management core. This 12-credit core includes organizational theory, intercultural communication, financial decision making, and managerial statistics. Beyond the core, the final 24 credits of the program include a "clustered course" series in advanced management techniques, global communication, and international management. This clustered core is designed to be taken concurrently or in back-to-back semesters, since its content aligns and overlaps significantly. A final component of the program is its accounting concentration, which goes above and beyond the accounting concepts taught at the undergraduate level. Courses include financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, and accounting information systems, as well as a few electives in this field.

The M.S. in management at the university is one of those most popular and unique programs, with a large series of concentrations that can help prepare aspiring managers for a successful career in top-level management at corporations nationwide and around the world. Because there are so many concentrations available within the graduate management program, University of Maryland University College offers the ability for its students to pursue dual degrees in a concurrent format. This option allows students to align some electives, reducing the courses necessary to complete two degrees in under three years. As a result, accounting students can opt for a secondary master's degree in accountancy, finance, and several other fields.

In addition to its strong academic options, University of Maryland University College benefits from being a member of the University of Maryland System. The school's reputation nationwide is one of affordable academic rigor and prestige, with options available to students that include seasonal career fairs, honor society induction, online networking events and career counseling, and much more. Name recognition also helps this online degree hold its own when applying to entry-level and midlevel career opportunities throughout the country, and recognition by several other state councils on higher education allows students to apply both state and federal grant funds toward their program as a way to save money. All of these factors, taken together, make University of Maryland University College a strong, affordable choice for graduate education in management and accounting.