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The University of Scranton is a small private university in Pennsylvania that has an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Founded in 1888 as the College of St. Thomas, its connection to the Roman Catholic Church dates back to its early days. The college launched fundraising programs and eventually raised enough money to construct the first building on its campus. Though it later added a number of other buildings, Old Main, that first building, still exists. The college operated in a unique way because it offered both standard four-year programs as well as shorter two-year programs that provided students with vocational training. Enrollment grew steadily after World War II and helped the university grow to an enrollment of more than 5,4000 students.

All University of Scranton students must complete general education requirements that include two philosophy classes, two theology classes and six credits of writing courses. Students must also earn credits in subjects like physical education, humanities, math and science. The university believes that those courses will assist students in their later classes and in their careers. This Pennsylvania university also added an online campus that now offers both bachelor's and master's programs.

University of Scranton Accreditation Details

If you enroll in one of the university's programs in computer science, computer engineering or electrical engineering, you'll love knowing that those programs have accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology, Inc. (ABET). ABET accreditation is a type of program accreditation. Other program accreditation that this university has comes from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, Council for Standards in Human Services Education, Teacher Education Accreditation Council and American Physical Therapy Association.

While program accreditation only relates to one specific program or a few programs, institutional accreditation applies to all programs that a university offers. The University of Scranton obtained its institutional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This commission granted the school the approval to offer degrees at all levels and to give degrees to students who complete one of those programs. To prepare for the renewal of its accreditation, which happens once every decade, the university established its own panel to check on factors that might lead to a suspension of its accreditation. This allows the university to better prepare for that renewal and to ensure that it maintains its accreditation.

University of Scranton Application Requirements

As a student interested in enrolling in one of the graduate programs offered by the University of Scranton, you must use the online application. This application asks for your email address and uses that address to create a custom account just for you. You can then work on the entire application at one time or do just one section at a time and submit that application when you feel ready. The university asks for an official academic transcript from any college or university that you attended. If you earned credits towards your degree from any college, you must submit a transcript from that school. You must also submit three letters of recommendation, which you can do online.

Make sure that you check the exact requirements from any department or program that interests you. Each program has the right to create its own admissions requirements. Those enrolling in the education program, for example, must provide the university with proof that they have the legal right to work as teachers in the United States. Many of the other programs look for proof that you have professional experience within the field. You can show that proof with a copy of your most recent resume.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The University of Scranton has a guaranteed tuition plan for graduate students. This plan guarantees that you pay the same rate for the next three years that you remain enrolled. As long as you take nine credits of classes every year, your tuition will not increase until 36 months pass. The downside to this plan is that it does not apply to many of the graduate programs available online. The cost for graduate students ranges from $510 to $965 per credit hour. Its MBA, health administration and human resources programs costs the most, and programs available in the education department cost the least.

Whether you still live at home with your parents, or you are a working professional, you'll likely need some help paying for college. You should submit the FAFSA online with the University of Scranton numeric code used on that form. Once the university receives your financial aid application and processes it, it will send you a letter to tell you what aid you qualify for and will receive. Graduate students may qualify for some grants, but most students rely heavily on loans. The university will provide you with loan exit counseling before you graduate. Students can also apply for alternative student loans through private or traditional lenders.

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Online Degree Programs

The University of Scranton offers six online graduate degrees and four certificates that you can earn at the same time you finish your degree or without enrolling in a degree program. One of those programs is a Master of Business Administration or MBA program. There is a general MBA program available, but you can also pick a specialization in accounting, human resources, enterprise resource management, health care management, operations management or international business. The program includes a minimum of four foundation courses, up to six advanced courses and a capstone course. Classes may include accounting for management, management information systems, advanced auditing, recruitment and staffing, business policy and marketing research.

A Master of Science in Education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction is also available online. This program includes 21 credits of curriculum and instruction classes, 12 credits of foundation classes and a research course, but the university designed this program in a way that lets teachers complete it in just 16 months or less. It includes courses on literacy and diversity, improving instruction, teaching the gifted child and evaluation and measurements. You'll also take courses that show you how to integrate new forms of technology in classroom settings and how to more effectively work with disabled children. The University of Scranton also requires that all MS Education students do 150 hours of work in the field before they graduate.