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Utica College is a small college located in the New York city of the same name. It had roots during its early years to Syracuse University, which established an extension campus in the city in the early 1930s. This small campus offered a limited number of classes but gave students the right to transfer those credits to Syracuse or another university. As enrollment at this small campus grew, Syracuse eventually decided to establish a full college in the city, which happened in the 1940s. Utica kept growing at a fast rate, which led to the two schools splitting and Utica becoming an independent college in the 1960s. Enrollment at the college now includes more than 3,000 undergrads and more than 1,000 graduate students.

The curriculum offered by this college grew and changed significantly over the years since separating from Syracuse. It now offers 40 degree programs for undergrads and more than 20 programs for graduate students. Many of those programs have accreditation from professional organizations as well. It is home to one of the top cyber security programs in the country, which trains students for working in government departments and divisions such as the Department of Homeland Security. Utica also offers some online programs at the bachelor's level like an RN to BSN program as well as online programs for master's students.

Utica College Accreditation Details

Though Utica College is a fairly small school, it still sought out all the accreditation that its students demanded, including both regional and specialized accreditation. Regional accreditation, which is what you need to transfer your course credits and get financial aid from the government, comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Specialized accreditation is a different type that comes from professional organizations and agencies and applies to specific programs of study or subjects. For example, the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. accredited the college's nursing program. It also has accreditation from the American Occupational Therapy Association, American Physical Therapy Association, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Utica College Application Requirements

Before applying to Utica College, you'll want to check the official website for the college's graduate school. This will tell you whether the department you want to study in is currently accepting applications. When those departments fill all available slots, the admissions counselors working in those departments will stop taking applications for the coming year. You'll need to wait a year or longer before submitting yours.

All graduate programs, including online programs, are only open to students who currently have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and those who can show proof they will complete their degrees before starting at the college. You will need to use the online system and create a new account to complete your application. There is a $50 payment due before the college will process the application, which you can pay with a credit card or a debit card. You must also provide an official transcript within 30 days of beginning classes and submit a personal statement. This statement essentially lets you explain why you want to study at Utica and what your career goals are.

Each department has some other requirements that you may need to complete too. Those requirements can include a disciplinary history, letters of recommendation and/or personal conduct statement. Letters of recommendation can come from anyone familiar with your professional or educational experience. The personal conduct and disciplinary history forms ask you to answer some questions and sign the bottom. These forms are available online.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Utica College does not charge in state vs. nonresident tuition rates for those enrolling in its online programs, and when you sign up for an online class or program, you'll actually pay less than you would as a traditional student. Tuition for graduate students starts at $650 per credit hour, which is the cost of its Master of Business Administration program. Other programs charge a higher tuition rate. These rates can reach nearly $900 per credit hour. The certificate programs that the college offers for online graduate students charge similar rates. Utica estimates that its online students pay around $5,000 a semester for other costs that include textbooks and living expenses.

As long as you are a full-time student, who is someone who takes at least six credit hours of classes in a semester, you should qualify for financial aid. Those under the age of 25 who do not meet certain requirements will need to file the FAFSA with their parent(s)' tax information, but if you meet the requirements for independent students, you can file with your own tax records. Graduate students may receive one or more grants, but most of these students use unsubsidized government loans. The college will also accept alternative students loans that come from private lenders.

Online Degrees Available

Utica College offers seven online degree programs for its graduate students. These programs cover economic crimes, cybersecurity, business management and health care. Those who have a degree in criminal justice or a similar field and want to work in cyber crimes and security will find the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program interesting. This program offers concentrations in computer forensics, intelligence, cyber operations, malware analysis and electronic crime. Incoming students must have a bachelor's degree and a 3.0 grade point average. You'll spend three days living and working on the campus in your first semester, but the rest of the program takes place online and requires up to 20 months of study.

Another option is the college's Master's in Business Administration program, which is available as a blended program that requires you take some classes on its New York campus or as an entirely online program. You can select a concentration in health care management, data analytics, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, cyber policy, finance and accounting or insurance and risk management. It features courses like principles and practices of leadership, financial fluency and business strategy.

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The college also offers a Master's of Science in Health Care Administration with concentrations in long-term care, acute care and service organizations. You'll take courses like health care ethical and legal issues, human resource management and leadership in marketing and strategic planning. Utica College offers several online graduate certificate programs too.