5 Books for Agribusiness Professionals

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Books for Agribusiness Professional

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Financial Management in Agriculture
  • Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • Farm Management
  • Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit

If your goal is to join the world of agribusiness professionals, you are becoming part of one of the most important industries you could imagine. This industry helps to safely sustain everything from food and fiber to protecting the globe's ecosystems. If your field of study lies in this venue, here are five books for agribusiness professionals that will provide a greater understanding of the industry.

1. Agribusiness Management (Routledge Textbooks in Environmental and Agricultural Economics) 4th Edition

The world of agribusiness is constantly changing. With its tech and consumer focus, it is a highly volatile arena and the latest edition of Agribusiness Management will prepare managers and students for this evolving world of food and fiber production. The latest edition takes four unique approaches to the industry to help readers enhance their ability to cope and grow as agribusiness professionals. The material promises to be pragmatic, contemporary and conceptual with an emphasis on decision making. There is also a set of pertinent questions and case studies related to real-world situations.

2. Financial Management in Agriculture (7th Edition)

The seventh edition of Financial Management in Agriculture introduces students to the latest and most advanced tools, protocols, strategies and concepts of finance, development and application in the agricultural sector. It uses practical problems, sensible reasoning, case studies and well-documented presentations. There are detailed segments that analyze, plan and demonstrate the best ways to control business performance in the agricultural and related financial markets. This latest edition has new material that reviews current structural changes in the food system. There are looks at the expansion in vertical coordination of the fiber and food systems, and how financial management of the agricultural sector is affected by risk management and financial analysis.

3. Introduction to Agricultural Economics (6th Edition)

Introduction to Agricultural Economics (6th Edition) systematically explores the basic concepts of economics and issues that impact the country's food and fiber industry. With extensive coverage of international trade and macroeconomic theory, it expands the reader's comprehension of the domestic market economy. The book explores unique consumer and producer decision making, economic welfare conditions, market equilibrium, macroeconomic policy, agriculture and government intervention, and international trade. Every sector features a comprehensive list of questions to test and review understanding of that chapter's material.

4. Farm Management (8th Edition)

Farm Management (8th Edition) is an introduction to the key concepts about the management of a farm business. Designed for junior and senior level students looking into the field of agribusiness professionals, it offers invaluable information about measuring management performance, and financial progress and condition of the farming and agriculture businesses. The book examines government programs, reviews guidelines for business and strategic planning, looks at environmental management policy and closely examines agricultural supply chains and marketing tools.

5. Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit

Inspired by an award-winning article, Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit is a review of agribusiness and environmental issues with a focused and revealing look at the tomato industry. The book carefully reviews the history, passion and legend for a fruit that's consumed annually in the vicinity of $4-$5 billion. It looks at the production, nutritional values and the drive for low costs. The content goes into the laboratories of seedsmen and visits the supermarket tomato's first sightings in Peru's deserts. Reading more like a suspense thriller than academic text, the book looks at major parties involved in the dogged tomato production while providing insightful information about the agribusiness.

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Whether a student or you're already a member of the profession, these books will enhance every interested party's understanding of the principles behind being agribusiness professionals.