5 Great Books for Nutritionists

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Books for Nutritionists

  • Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition
  • Cooked
  • Sugar Nation
  • Gourmet Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

These great books for nutritionists are an ideal way to learn about the field. From finding out the latest research in nutrition to learning about popular diet plans, these books are ideal for anyone who is or wants to become a nutritionist. Each book is designed to add insight to key issues in the field and create a foundation for continued learning.

1. Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Written by T. Colin Campbell and Howard Jacobson, this book follows up on the renown China Study. In the book, Campbell argues that whole food nutrition is the best thing for human health. Rather than focus on a particular diet, it looks at the way that food can help or hinder human health. For nutritionists who are interested in the science behind the field, Campbell's book is a fascinating take on why nutrition and human health are so closely interlinked.

2. Cooked

Michael Pollan is known for writing The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food. As a leading authority on food and human health, he often looks at the way nutrition is linked to economic, political and environmental factors. This new book looks at how preservation and cooking helps human beings preserve nutritional value. According to Pollan, cooking is also a way for human beings to connect to each other and the earth.

3. Sugar Nation

With diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, obesity and cancer rates on the rise, something has to be done to address the American diet. Author Jeff O'Connell thinks that the cause of these diseases can be found in the American diet. A misguided food industry and subsidies cause the wrong types of ingredients to be included in the standard American diet. In the book, O'Connell looks at the way the American diet immediately begins to impact human health. For scientists and nutritionists, this book offers excellent studies and in-depth interviews with scientists that shed insight on the topic.

4. Gourmet Nutrition

While the previous books tend to focus on the negatives of the current American diet, this book is something that you will love having around. Written by the creators of Precision Nutrition, this book has more than 300 pages of recipes that are delicious and healthy for your body. To make it easier to build the right diet, each recipe includes nutritional information that shows exactly what you are eating. Best of all, every recipe comes with a picture that demonstrates in mouth-watering detail what you could be eating for dinner tonight.

5. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Written by Weston A. Price, this book continues to be relevant despite the decades that have passed since it was first written. Originally, Weston Price became famous in the 1930s as an American dentist. He realized that the children that walked into his office had dental problems that their parents had never dealt with. Because of this observation, he spent a decade crossing 100,000 miles to look at some of the most remote regions of the planet. As a result of his study, he realized that modern foods were the most likely cause of modern dental problems.

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To stay current in the field, nutritionists have to continuously read new books and research studies. Unfortunately, many of these studies can be dull and uninteresting. The previous great books for nutritionists offer excellent research while still being enjoyable to read.