5 Great Books for Physical Therapists

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Books for Physical Therapists

  • Physical Therapy Career and Salary Guide
  • Trail Guide to the Body
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Principles of Athletic Training
  • Kinesiology For Dummies

Whether you are interested in a career as a physical therapist or already have an
established career, books are a great way to learn new things and advance in your field. These books are considered must-reads if you want to learn even more about the field of physical therapy.

1. Physical Therapy Career and Salary Guide

This book for physical therapists goes over all the possible career paths someone can do with a degree. This book was written by a team of writers who are all very successful physical therapists. Not only will you be getting the best advice, you will learn how to advance your own career. If you are just starting out in your career, this book will help you pick a goal for where you want to be. Then, it will show you what you need to do to get your desired outcome. There is no better book that will break down each step to becoming successful.

2. Trail Guide to the Body

This book is essential reading for all physical therapists. You will learn about the real science behind physical therapy and your body. Knowing the body, including bones and muscles, is essential to knowing how to treat it. You will learn of the essential skills for physical therapy, and the best ways to memorize and learn them. This book covers all muscles, bones, ligaments and more in the body. There are over a thousand illustrations designed to help you learn faster and easier.

3. Therapeutic Exercise

This book by Kisner and Colby is an older classic that remains relevant today. In fact, new revisions are made often. This is a book that covers the basic foundations of physical therapy. No matter what type of position you have, this book will be useful. If you are considering a degree in physical therapy, this book is often used by instructors. In this book you will learn different exercise techniques that are commonly used in physical therapy. You will also learn about key muscles and ligaments in the body and ways to treat them.

4. Principles of Athletic Training

Published by Prentice, this book gives a great overview for anyone who is specifically interested in becoming an athletic therapist. An athletic therapist works with athletes, typically professionals, to prevent and treat injuries. This book goes over every aspect of athletic training in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. For someone considering a career in athletic training, this book is a good start to understanding the job. If you are a student that wants to become a physical therapist, this book is often recommended as a study guide for exams. For working professionals, this book is great reference material when you have questions.

5. Kinesiology For Dummies

This guide gives an overview of kinesiology, the study of the mechanics of body movement. This includes how muscles, ligaments and bones work. You will also learn about the basics of exercise and muscle function. If you are interested in a degree in physical therapy, kinesiology will likely be a required class. This book goes over all the introductory information on the science in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The book even includes inserts of medical instructions, which are designed to help you study and learn faster.

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Reading is always an important part of staying on top of your career. It does not matter if you already have a career or are just beginning your degree. You can always learn more about physical therapy and stay on top of recent changes.