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Five Intriguing Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs

  • Duct Tape Marketing
  • VentureBeat
  • Retire at 21
  • Young Go Getter
  • Chris Brogan's Blog

Discovering top business blogs is a process that requires a bit of research. After all, the rapid growth of online-based entrepreneurs made it possible for almost everyone to share advice. So, how exactly does one pick the right individual to listen to? Well, relying on their experience and previous successes is a good way to determine if they have a solid business blog or not.

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1. Duct Tape Marketing

Although Duct Tape Marketing is a service-based website where marketing systems are integrated, it comes with a blog authored by John Jantsch. The topics discussed aim to help small businesses increase their brand awareness through Search Engine Optimization and advertising campaigns. Additionally, the blog also features weekly "Weekend Favs" where the author posts numerous tools that they discovered throughout the week. Besides posts that aim to help companies, this blog also helps individual entrepreneurs become a better version of themselves by teaching them about leadership, organization, and professional growth.

2. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is a news outlet where businessmen and women from all over the world can get the necessary updates on important happenings in their industries. Even though it is not a typical blog, per se, it undoubtedly claims a spot on the list of top entrepreneurial blogs due to its relevant posts, simplicity, and up-to-date discoveries. Those interested in a one-for-all method that will deliver current news can subscribe and get informed on a daily basis. As some other platforms, VentureBeat hosts a rich newsletter that will perpetually keep users in the loop on various important changes in the world.

3. Retire at 21

Sometimes, reading blog posts is a lot easier if they are interactive. Well, for those who share that sentiment, "Retire@21" may be a perfect fit. It is a website where interview-style posts are constantly presented. To make it more interesting, the individuals that are interviewed are generally younger entrepreneurs who lead large companies that they built from scratch. Thus, it is a great choice for people who are looking to venture into the world of creating one's own firm. Besides providing interactive interviews, the website also comes with a few lists that some users may find intriguing.

4. Young Go Getter

Out of all the blogs mentioned, the "Young Go Getter" is easily the least known. It was created by Derek Collins who remains the main editor and person in charge of the content. The topics discussed are very general in nature and allow for professionals from different industries to engage. For example, some posts share advice on overcoming stress caused by meetings or becoming a leader. Nevertheless, there are many other topics that are closely tied to specific industries like marketing. People who may really like the style and information provided by Mr. Collins can sign up for his personal coaching.

5. Chris Brogan's Blog

As the name showcases, this blog is a one-person project started by the president of a large marketing company, Chris Brogan. He uses his real-life experiences to guide readers on how to take advantage of the community and turn regular people into long-term customers. One of the more interesting features of Mr. Brogan's blog, which helped him make the list of top business-related blogs, is the option to sign up for free posts that will be delivered to one's e-mail. Unlike newsletters, however, this system features actual blog posts created by the man himself.

The list of interesting reads continues as millions of successful entrepreneurs continuously establish their own websites. Nevertheless, starting with a good variety of professional advice and life lessons will prepare one for future successes. Luckily, the aforementioned top five business blogs do just that!