5 Great Careers for Philosophy Majors

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5 Jobs for Graduates of Philosophy

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business, Finance and Accounting
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Politics

What can you do with a degree in philosophy? If you don't know how to answer this question, don't worry. Here are five great careers for philosophy graduates that will make any questioner understand the value of your degree.

1. Medicine

In a world of increasingly corporatized medical practice, as small hospitals and clinics are gobbled up by multinational healthcare chains, some physicians are swimming against the tides. Holistic medicine, boutique medicine and patient-centered medicine are some of the latest buzzwords in the medical field. For many practitioners, these words represent more than marketing: They're a radical shift in how doctors approach medicine as a field. There's no one better to lead a charge in the very philosophy of this age-old art than a philosophy major. Plus, after four years of reading Kant and Rousseau, medical school will seem like a breeze.

2. Law

Philosophy majors heading to law school is a stereotype for a reason: An undergraduate education in philosophy is a perfect match for the practice of law. Both lawyers and philosophy students spend most of their time analyzing complex arguments and creating their own. Lawyers also need a strong attention to detail, a passion for the law and academic excellence to ensure admittance to highly competitive law schools. According to U. S. News & World Report, attorneys earn an average of $118, 160 per year, which explains why it can be so challenging to get into law school.

3. Business, Finance and Accounting

Philosophy isn't an easy major, despite outwards appearance. Students must critically engage with deep works and tackle questions that have puzzled humans for millennia. That's why so many philosophy students go on to successful careers in challenging fields like finance. Philosophy graduates like Peter Thiel, venture capitalist and former CEO of PayPal, or business mogul George Soros are just a few examples of the many philosophy graduates enjoying a high-earning, high-powered career in the finance industry.

4. Non-Profit Management

Sure, it's not as glamorous a field as big law or investment banking, but non-profit management brings its own rewards. In this field, you'll help organizations realize their visions, whether that means inspiring nurses to pick up an extra shift or donors to write another check. Non-profit managers wear many hats as they juggle budgeting, managing and client services. Only a handful of schools offer degrees specifically in non-profit management, so you can be a strong candidate even with a seemingly non-related bachelor's of arts in philosophy. Of course, once you're in the interview room, you can make the case for how your education perfectly prepared you for a job as a non-profit management.

5. Politics

From speechwriting to schedule management, the world of politics is packed full of job opportunities. Philosophy majors will be at home in the halls of Congress or a local constituent services office. That's because studying philosophy gives you strong communication skills, writing ability and competence at analytical thinking. All of those will come in handy when you're navigating government bureaucracy, deciding where your candidate should spend advertising money or calling a concerned constituent. Plus, your education gives you the perfect background for throwing yourself into the race once you've gained some experience.

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You probably aren't considering a philosophy degree because you're dreaming of a big paycheck. Nevertheless, these five great career options for philosophy majors demonstrate the long-term value of your degree.