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Websites for Nurses

  • Practical Clinical Skills
  • All Nurses
  • American Nurses Association
  • Nurse.com
  • Off the Charts

Becoming a nurse takes just as much effort and motivation as working in the profession. However, there are several great websites that can help aspiring nurses throughout the education, certification and licensing processes as well as during their careers after graduation. Whether students want to be registered nurses or further their nursing abilities and knowledge with bachelor's degrees, they can use the below resources as aids along the way.

1. Practical Clinical Skills

The Practical Clinical Skills website helps students master medical skills for physicals and other procedures. It offers free training courses, exercises, guides and support aids to help students learn the different sounds of the heart and lungs so that they can identify problems such as murmurs and wheezing. The site also features training resources for blood pressure and EKG assessments. The guides are a great resource for basic clinical skills and are a complement to class and clinical training. After reviewing the materials, students can test their knowledge and understanding with quizzes. Additionally, the resources are useful as study materials for real-life exams.

2. All Nurses

As a collective voice in the nursing community, All Nurses gives aspiring and career nurses a place to network, learn from others and share their own stories. It offers a section where potential students can find schools and nursing programs that fits their goals. The website also has a section specifically for students to get support from the nursing community. They can get help with care plans, the Health Education Systems Incorporated exam, the National Council Licensure Examination and research papers. New graduates can use allnurses.com to prepare for job interviews and find open positions as well. It is also an ideal platform to ask questions about working in different environments and retirement.

3. American Nurses Association

The website for the American Nurses Association is another great place for nursing students to get resource materials and for career nurses to continue their education online. The ANA is an organization that represents the interests of registered nurses and promotes high standards in the practice while promoting ethical, safe working environments, supporting public and professional health issues, and reinforcing the health and wellness of nurses. It offers an academic placement program for master's and doctoral students, advisors and professors to be placed in the ANA, American Nurses Credentialing Center or American Nurses Foundation. Nurses can also provides a career center for nurses to find jobs.

4. Nurse.com

The Nurse.com website has been a trusted resource in the nursing community for more than 30 years. It is a well-established place for aspiring nurses to take advantage of learning opportunities, for graduates to find jobs and for registered nurses to read compelling news and resources about the health care industry. The goal of the website is to support the careers of health professionals with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. Nurse.com has an education section where nurses can continue to learn from more than 750 audio, seminar, text, video and webinar courses. It also offers instant certificates after the required courses are completed.

5. Off the Charts

As a leading voice in the nursing community since 1900, the American Journal of Nursing publishes the Off the Charts blog. The posts come from AJN editors, patients, policy leaders and working nurses, highlighting the most interesting, important and troubling opinions and news in the health care and nursing community. While some of the blogs are fact-based, others are first-hand accounts of working nurses. The topics of blogs range from bioethics and nursing students and stories to health care policy and patient stories. Students can use some of the personal stories as insight into the industry and work environment before making a final decision to pursue the career.

The resources on these websites can help nursing students study and earn their degrees by giving them the tools that they need to succeed in the classroom and in clinical workshops. They can also help nursing professionals continue required education and get through tough times at work by providing community support.

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