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Physics Websites

  • Physics for the 21st Century
  • MIT Online
  • Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine
  • Physics for Future Presidents
  • Elementary Einstein

You can learn about anything online today, including the complex field of physics. If you're interested in a career in physics, then you may be considering going back to college or university for a relevant degree. From the foundation basics to more abstract ideas, these five great physics websites will help you decide if a degree or career in physics is the right choice for you.

1. Physics for the 21st Century

This is a simple online course that will take you through the basic foundations of physics. There are several different ways to learn, including interactive videos, simulations and comprehensive notes. You'll even learn about the latest research and news being released to the physics community. This website is perfect for anyone who wants to understand what the field of physics is and how it can be applied. Once you've completed some of the learning modules, you should be able to decide if you'd like to study further.

2. MIT Online

Do you think you are ready to go back to school for a degree in physics? This free course offered by MIT will take you through a free college course in physics. These courses are interactive, with lecture notes, exams and even assignments. Answers to exams and assignments are included with the materials so you can track how well you do. This free course from MIT is considered one of the best online, according to Forbes. This free option will allow you decide if you're ready to further your education in physics.

3. Richard Feynman: Fun to Imagine

Richard Feynman, a legendary physicist, explains physics and how it relates to the world around us. These videos are around 10 minutes long and break down complex subjects in an easily digestible manner. These videos are great for those who worry about the relevancy of degree in physics and how it could apply to a career. In fact, these videos might help you decide which area of physics you might like to concentrate on when pursuing a degree.

4. Physics for Future Presidents

This website will help teach you about some of the most interesting and important topics in the field of physics. These tutorials are delivered via video and break down topics in a way even beginners can understand. You will even learn about how physics applies to other fields, such as mathematics, chemistry and more. This website offers up an easy way to understand each aspect of the field of physics. These videos can easily help you decide if physics is a field you'd be interested in studying in-depth.

5. Elementary Einstein

Do you worry that the field of physics might be difficult to understand or learn? Fear no more! This great, interactive website will teach you the foundations of physics in a fun and easy to understand way. You will learn all about the theory of relativity, and why it is so important in physics and other fields, such as astrophysics and cosmology. You will also take a more critical look at particle physics and its importance. There is no better way to get a grasp on physics than to start at the beginning with Einstein. Once you learn these basic ideas you will easily be able to decide if a degree in physics is right for you. If you're interested in learning more, this website can take you beyond the basics into more abstract, complex ideas.

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These websites will give you a great overview of the field of physics, which can help you decide if a degree in physics is the right choice for you. If you decide to pursue a degree in university, you will already have a basic understanding of what you will be leraning.