5 Great Professional Organizations for Construction Management Professionals

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Professional Organizations for Construction Management Professionals

  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Construction Management Association of America
  • American Institute of Constructors
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Design Build Institute of America

There are more than five great professional organizations for construction management professionals, but finding just a few is a great place to start. According to Forbes, construction management has been named one of the happiest jobs in America, but these professionals need support just like any other professional. Through a membership with an association that caters to their field, these individuals can find learning and networking opportunities that will help them grow in their career.

1. Associated Builders and Contractors

American Builders and Contractors is a nationwide association that currently represents over 25,000 construction firms across the United States. Through its 79 chapters, the membership body represents every aspect of the construction field and was created based on the merit shop philosophy, which requires its members to develop professionals and work to an ethical standard. Through ABC's involvement in governmental regulations, legal advocacy, continuing education, and championing employee benefits, this shop-only association provides the construction workforce with a solid foundation on which their practices are based.

2. Construction Management Association of America

CMAA was founded in 1982 and since then has grown to create training and educational opportunities for its 16,000-member body. Individuals, corporations, and construction firm owners from both the private and public sector make up this association, which has nearly 30 regional chapters all over the company. Because of its dedication to construction management, it is considered a professional organization that sets the standard for management practices within the industry. Through certifications, conferences, and workshops, members can learn about the new advancements in management procedure, all with an eye towards building a better and safer industry for all construction professionals.

3. American Institute of Constructors

The American Institute of Constructors, known as AIC, is a professional organization aimed at providing training and networking opportunities for all the subfields located within the construction industry in America. The institute is dedicated to providing a standard for both individuals and construction firms and membership is considered a mark of professionalism. It enables professionals to receive certification, attend workshops and conferences, and network with like-minded people within the industry, creating a standard of ethical practice that all members aspire to reach.

4. Associated General Contractors of America

The AGC is a general contractor's association that boasts members from nearly every subfield in the industry. From building to utility to federal construction, members work all over the country and are bolstered by a strong association that advocates on their behalf. The association not only offers training and networking opportunities either; it currently supports a political action committee that strives for better standards, both in construction and for their members. From contracts and law to labor and public relations, this association takes every opportunity to provide a higher standard for its members.

5. Design Build Institute of America

One of the most interesting professional organizations for construction management professionals is DBIA. This institute works on the design-build model, pairing construction managers with designers with a single point of responsibility. This is becoming more popular in the commercial sector and offers both types of professionals the chance to network with each other and build lasting relationships. The institute provides certification to this effect as well as conferences and continuing education opportunities.

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Construction management is a career that requires an eye for detail and safety as well as an understanding of how to manage a team working to construct buildings, roads, highways, and bridges. Because of the position's importance, management professionals need to find organizations that can support them in their work. With the five great professional organizations for construction management professionals listed above, they will find the support they need with associations that cater to them.