5 Great Professional Organizations for Engineers

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Professional Organizations for Engineers

  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • IEEE
  • American Association of Engineering Societies
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • International Engineering Consortium

Learning about five great professional organizations for engineers is the first step that any engineering graduate should undertake after graduating from college. Whether a professional is a man or a woman, looking for a nontechnical organization or a global consortium with international work opportunities, there is an organization that will fit the needs of every engineering. Here are some of the top organizations that are highly rated by current professionals in the field.

1. National Society of Professional Engineers

The National Society of Professional Engineers was established in 1934 and is one of the only professional organizations for engineers that has stated goal of addressing the non-technical concerns of professional and licensed engineers. It is a multidisciplinary national organization that encourages its members to discuss and critique its ability to create change for them within the field as well as providing continuing education and networking opportunities to support better career mobility. It is currently one of the only nontechnical organizations in the country to support engineers.


The IEEE is noted for being the world's largest technical professional organization that prides itself on the advancement of technology in all fields of engineering. With over 420,000 members spanning 160 countries, it is an international organization that is active in corporate identity, governance, global public policy, and education. The IEEE is also renown for its collection of publications and conferences that often lead to employment opportunities for its members; professional engineers often cite the society as one of the first memberships they obtain after graduating from college, reinforcing the idea that a global network of engineers is a necessary step in evolving the field of engineering.

3. American Association of Engineering Societies

The American Association of Engineering Societies was established in 1979 is one of the five best professional organizations for engineers; it is a multidisciplinary organization that is dedicated to the knowledge and practice of the field. It is also known for providing access to all professionals in the field, including educators, government workers, and researchers. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to be a collective voice for the engineering community within the United States. The group also has a stated goal of working with international engineering societies, enabling the free flow of information and technology between countries, making it an exciting network for any professional.

4. Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers focuses on women within the field; it is an association that delivers continuing education as well as networking opportunities to its members. It is one of best professional organizations for engineers because it provides leadership workshops, educational programs, and more in an inclusive manner for women who are interested in becoming the best in the field. Membership to the society includes resources, debate forums, awards and recognition programs, publication opportunities and more, enabling women engineers to do everything from further their career to opening up discussions about diversity in STEM.

5. International Engineering Consortium

The International Engineering Consortium was established in 1944 and is the leading nonprofit organization that brings together both universities and engineering societies for the purpose of the continuing education of engineers. By offering engineers the chance to take on post-professional education through its programs, the consortium is ensuring that the field continues to evolve as the understanding of engineering changes with new advancements and technologies. The IEC is also the head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association, which is dedicated to sharing information among American Universities about the industry and any changes it encounters, passing that information down to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Working in this field requires dedication and a commitment to excellence as well as an understanding of how the job affects the lives of people all over the world. By joining one of these five great professional organizations for engineers, professionals will position themselves as valuable job candidates who understand how the market is growing as well as how their job can influence the field.