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Professional Organizations for Nurses

  • American Nurses Association
  • International Council of Nurses
  • National Student Nursing Organization
  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetics
  • American Organization of Nurse Executives

One of the most rewarding and important careers available today is nursing. Nurses are often hired by hospitals, medical groups, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers to help provide care to those in need. Nurses are frequently high in demand by employers and the field enjoys a low unemployment rate. For those that are currently nurses, or would like to become a nurse in the future, joining a professional organization could be a great option. There are five nursing professional organizations that nurses should know about.

1. American Nurses Association

The American Nurse Association, or ANA, is one of the oldest and largest nursing associations in the world. The ANA was founded in 1896 and currently has over 3.1 million members, most which are registered nurses. The ANA provides members a lot of different benefits, but is also a major representative of nurses when it comes to employee rights, workplace conditions, and compensation. The organization is one of the largest lobbyists in Washington DC and has had a major impact on the industry.

2. International Council of Nurses

The International Council of Nurses, or ICN, was the first international nursing professional organization. The ICN is a federation of more than 130 international organizations, which collectively have more than 13 million members. The organization is one of the leading providers of continuing education to nurses in the world. It operates solely to help nurses provide quality care, develop sound international practices, and teach changes to the industry all over the world.

3. National Student Nursing Organization

While most professional organizations are designed for professionals already in the field, the National Student Nursing Organization is designed for students that are in nursing school or plant to attend shortly. The organization is a great way for students to network, learn more about the industry, and prepare for school entrance or licensing exams. The organization also is very useful for connecting employers with students, which provides a streamlined way for students to get their first job.

4. American Association of Nurse Anesthetics

Depending on the exact field that a nurse works in, it could also be a good idea to join an organization that focuses on a specialty in the field. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetics is an organization that is designed for nurses that work in anesthetics. This organization provides employees with plenty of educational opportunities and networking sessions, which can help to bolster one's career.

5. American Organization of Nurse Executives

For those that are in nursing administration, or manage teams of nurses, joining the American Organization of Nurse Executives could be a great option. This organization focuses on helping members learn how to provide better training and leadership to their team members. The organization provides development training to new members, has a strong advocacy department, and can provide guidance to someone looking to get into nursing administration.

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In conclusion, nurses are very important members of the healthcare community and are in high demand by employers. Those that are looking to become a nurse, or currently are nurses, should consider joining a professional organization. There are five nursing professional organizations that employees should know about.