5 Great Professional Organizations for Supply Chain Management Professionals

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Professional Organizations for Supply Chain Management Professionals

  • American Production and Inventory Control Society
  • HR Technology Conference
  • The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • International Warehouse Logistics Association
  • Material Handling Association of America

If you are a professional in the supply chain industry, being a member of these five great organizations allows you to know the trends in the industry. It is important to stay engaged in your profession and joining a professional organization is a great way to meet people in your industry, compare your business to similar businesses and keep an eye on the competition.

1. American Production and Inventory Control Society

APICS is a globally acclaimed association for operations management and a reliable source of information about supply chain businesses. APICS also offers solid guidance on production, goods management, inventory, logistics, and purchasing. Hundreds of individuals and companies rely on APICS, which since 1957, is at the forefront of providing superior training and certification to the supply chain experts worldwide.

Since 2014, the American Production and Inventory Control Society has offered career coach programs so as to enhance career development among professionals in the supply chain sector. APICS's career development department holds quarterly corresponding webinars and publishes the APICS magazine as platforms for professional advice.

2. HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV

The HR Technology Conference slated for October 10 -13 in Las Vegas will provide much more than the current HR technology in the supply chain firms. The seminar organizers promise to focus on the means to a technology-based organizational success, and how the business process can benefit from mobile phone apps.

The HR Technology conference will also be an opportunity for the participants to catch up on performance metrics, practical research, benchmark, and share peer-to-peer information about the warehousing distribution industry.

3. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

For more than 50 years, CSCMP has united the supply chain professionals by providing education and career advancement tools to its worldwide members. CSCMP has an unparalleled global network and an online education platform that disseminates cutting-edge research findings to companies and individual members.

The CSCMP membership includes professionals in supply chain consulting, finance, planning, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing. Also, in the CSCMP you will find the people involved in purchasing, sales, and marketing, warehousing, and third party supply chain logistics. As a member of the CSCMP, you stand to benefit from an international professional network. There is no doubt that CSCMP can increase your visibility among the corporate organizations involved in supplies.

4. International Warehouse Logistics Association 

IWLA brings together the people whose interest is efficient warehousing and goods transportation. To its approximately 500-member companies, IWLA is the timely 3PL service provider.

IWLA's commitment to the free flow of goods across the international borders is solid. IWLA can help to increase profits in your supply chain business by reducing the costs of the products and services as IWLA members enjoy exclusive generous discounts.

5. Material Handling Association of America 

MHIA is a big material handling and transportation association offering the logistics that contribute to an efficient supply system. MHIA membership includes the people handling the equipment, systems, software, system integrators, system simulators in the supply sector.

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MHIA also provide educational support, business development strategies, networking
opportunities, and sourcing proposals to the distribution, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain managers.